Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Day....Again

Snow Day #10
I can't believe it! Today's snow was so very pretty. It's melted on the roads now but don't know if we'll go tomorrow or not. I'm ready to get back into a routine and gain some momentum at school. Here's some pictures of my precious boys. They've had a big time today--cutting and pasting, building forts, lounging in pajamas, a movie, and LOTS of snacking!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Here's some pictures from our recent trip to Perfect North. We had a great time!
Adam inherited Bucky's goggles! Bucky skied some but Adam and I tubed the whole day! So fun!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Love

In honor of the new Valentine look to the blog, I just had to post a picture of my and my Valentine. Love this guy! This is us in the cave leading to Ruby Falls in TN. Amazing how we can look this happy after cleaning up puke from a car sick Luke about an hour before. :)
Here's the picture... Funny Thing
One of the teachers asked Bucky the other day if we were Florida fans. Bucky told her no and asked why. She commented that Luke wears a lot of orange. That is true! Funny that he wears enough that she noticed. I just think he looks great in it.....
Luke has had an adventurous several days. Thought he was dealing with pneumonia but it turned out to be RSV. We spent Tuesday night at UK Children's Hospital. Longs story short, I am pleased to announce he's MUCH better and still taking meds to ensure we totally get rid of any "rattles" in his chest.

On a side note, I missed a trip to Cheesecake Factory with S, K, and M and when I just saw the picture of a very happy Mollie and Kerry I thought I would cry. I MUST see those girls soon even if they have to come to this humble abode here in Mt. Sterling

Wonder how much this shot would be worth?
Adam loves football of any kind!

Mom and Luke. She was letting him slam dunk. They came over today for an early birthday celebration and we had a fantastic afternoon. So much fun!

Engrossed in the Wii. Yes, Mom and Dad both played. Dad beat Adam in bowling. :)

Loaded the wrong picture. Meant to have the final shot but have the in process shot of Kim and Adam building with Legos. Post that one later.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm back! But not ready to type. Luke is resting and I want to be as well. Here are few picture to satisfy....