Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday, Sunday! We had a nice church service. Adam played HARD while I was there practicing. Praise Team days are long for him--7:30-11:45, but he does well. We take plenty of toys and then there are wonderful, glorious people who play with him as they come in. Lloyd Krueger is one. He's an older man and today I look back and Krueger is jumping on one foot. Hilarious! Isn't it funny what kids can make you want to do?

We ate at the The Porch for lunch. We did mostly vegetables from the buffet. It was okay. I'm not ready to go back by any stretch. We all took naps this afternoon. The phone rang and woke me up. It was Marketta needing helping with a paper and I could literally not complete a sentence. Great, when I found out I was on speaker phone.

Bucky and I have a meeting at 6 and then he has practice at 7:30. Megan is coming to watch Adam. This is going to be a wild week. I think there is something every night. I'm tired already. But, Spring Break is coming!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bucky called this morning about nine. When I asked him what hole he was on he said he was rounding third and heading towards Dale Hollow. It apparently rained all last night in Crossville and was cold. The fellows figured they'd have a better time at Dale Hollow which is closer to home. Bucky LOVES that course anyway. This means he'll be home earlier than expected. :)

Adam and I went out and about today. We went to the Health Fair. It was nice and we got some free things. It was so cold outside that we didn't linger long at the inflatables. That, and Adam wasn't too keen on them. We did some bouncing. There were lots of big kids and none his age there.

We've worked lots of puzzles today. He got a humongous floor puzzle for Christmas that's an animal alphabet puzzle. We worked it twice. It's some major work for a little guy.

Adam is down for a nap. I may rest my eyes later. Right now I'm not really tired. Better get busy.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


It's Friday! It's rainy here and cooler. When I picked Adam up today he had a cut on his nose. His teacher had gone to a funeral and no one knew the story behind it. It's not a bad cut, but it is noticeable. He told me that Eli hit him, but I don't think that's what happened. It's almost like a scratch. I guess it will be Monday before I know anything. Kind of frustrating.

Callie still stinks. I feel bad keeping her outside. However, I don't want her in the house. I'll let her in the garage for the night.

Here's what Adam said when he saw the cows on the ride home today: "It raining. Cows put hood on." I'm sure they really care about being wet!

I have lots of school things to do this weekend. I hope I can put a dent in it tonight. Adam may have to watch some TV in order for me to do it.

There's a Health Fair tomorrow at church from 10-2. They will have inflatables for the kids. I hope Adam will like that.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Trip to Mary's

Adam went to Mary's tonight. He was so excited to see her. They had a blast! They blew bubbles, played ball, rode in a wagon behind the tractor, ate supper, and lots of other things. I'm SO thankful for Mary and Gary loving him like they do! Praise Team practice went well. I think it will be a nice service. This week is the last week in our Hope series and it's Hope for the Guilty. We're doing "Come Home Running " as a special. Rickie Mann is singing and boy, can he belt it!

Bucky and Adam played some golf in the front yard this afternoon. Adam is still swinging with his left hand although he is batting with his right. He is in need of some new clubs. He has worn out his other two sets.

Adam told me the other night that Clay had been hitting him at daycare. "Clay hit me. Clay push me down. Clay growl me." I verified his story at daycare today and it's true. Ms. Donna said they've been having some trouble with Clay and that they were working on it. I'm glad to know I'm getting accurate information from Adam. He always tells when he gets in trouble, but I always wonder if I can trust a 2 1/2 year old. I guess I can!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oh my goodness. Yesterday when I came home from school, I could smell Callie before I even got out of the Trailblazer. She smelled like kyarn--a Russell County word to describe an awful dead smell. I don't know if she'd killed something or just rolled in something dead. I couldn't even get near here. I left her outside and then had to bathe her when we got home from church. That was fun, especially considering her hair is at its longest right before her Spring cut. Adam wanted to help and he didn't know what to think or her shaking water everywhere and even on him. She smelled some better, but the wet dog smell was just as bad as the kyarn smell. Not wanting her to freeze since her coat was wet, she slept in the garage and I've just put her out this morning. I'm hoping to come home to find her back to normal this afternoon.

Yesterday was Bucky's birthday. He is (gulp) 31. They had a cake with 31 BRIGHT candles last night at church and everyone sang. Adam kept talking about Daddy's birthday.

Speaking of Adam, he and Bucky took his full piggy bank to bank yesterday. It had 105 dollars and some change in it. They put it in his savings account. Thanks to all those who send cards full of, "Money!" for holidays and other things. He loves it! Bucky said he was so proud of his two dollars. What is it with this kid and two?

I have praise team practice tonight. Mary Blakey is keeping Adam. They will have a big time. Bucky is heading out for a golf trip with seven other guys to Crossville, TN. I hope they have good weather. There is a health fair at church this weekend, but other than that, I'm not sure what Adam and I will get in to.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kim's Blog
Kaleb came home with us as planned. He and Adam had a fun time playing. Our front room looked like a tornado hit it!

We had a delicious supper. I had some shrimp that I sauteed in some olive oil with some garlic and other stuff. We put it over some pasta and than had some peas. A delicious meal and not many points. We have both done well today.

If anyone reads Kim's blog, you should read today's. She had me cracking up about names people give their kids. You should read it. I'm going to try and post a link to it. We'll see how that goes.

Tomorrow is Bucky's 31st birthday!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Still cold here! It snowed here most of the morning. It was weird to look out my windows at school and see white stuff. It was a good day at school. However, I had one student out and then two more went home before the day was over. We sprayed and cleaned every surface we could this afternoon.

Bucky and I have started a diet, I guess you could say. We're doing Weight Watchers for the most part. We aren't really members, but we've found a calculater on the internet that will calculate the foods into points. Bucky was going to do the Atkins again. I'm glad he's not. It just doesn't seem too heart healthy.

Adam wore his new tennis shoes today. Size 8.5. He was proud of them!

I am picking up Adam and Kaleb both tomorrow from daycare. Kaleb is Erica and Ken's son--our godson--and they have a doctor's appointment in Somerset. Erica is expecting in September. I'm sure the two of them will have fun playing together.

We've been rewatching Kevin James: Sweat the Small Stuff. It is hilarious. I will you were all here so we could belly laugh together.

Toodleloo Kangaroo. (I said this to Adam the other day and he wanted to know where the kangaroo went).

Monday, March 24, 2008


Happy Cold Easter! It was snowing as we went into church and then it snowed on us coming home from the grocery tonight. Crazy!

Adam was so happy with his Easter basket. I had eggs leading to it. He got Crocs, some bubbles, a match game, jelly beans, and an Easter book.

We had a nice Easter. The service was nice at church. Great crowd for both services! Adam looked spiffy for sure, and Bucky didn't look bad himself. We ate at the Cafe' for lunch. We watched ball, golf, and took naps this afternoon.

Adam had an interesting trip to the grocery. He got swatted twice after running away from us. He has been SO, SO full of energy lately. I don't know if it's the full moon or if our Terrific Two's have turned into the Terrible Two's. I sure hope not.

Tomorrow is Monday all over again.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Cold Hunt

Despite the cold, we hunted eggs today. Adam got a basketfull, but says he only got two. Two is his number! Everything is two! There was a pretty good crowd, and there was a devotion after the hunt. All the pictures of this hunt look like we're out in December! I even broke out the scarf and gloves.

Bucky has the Upward closing program tonight. It starts at 6. Adam and I will enjoy playing with some of the things that Mary Blakey gave him in his Easter basket. She had some really neat Easter Play-Doh molds that he likes.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday! Bucky's birthday is getting close!

Friday, March 21, 2008

So Long, Cats

The CATS lost today. With 38 seconds left I thought they were going to pull it off. However, at 22 seconds, I wasn't so sure. It was an interesting (understatement) season. Maybe next year will be better.

Megan is here to watch Adam tonight. Bucky and I both have praise team practice. I'm singing and Bucky is running sound. There is an Upper Room Experience tonight at church and I guess both of us will go to that afterward. It's a come and go kind of thing.

No school tomorrow. We're out for Good Friday. I don't know what we'll get in to.

Adam had a great time today hunting eggs at daycare. According to him, he found the most eggs. He did have a whole bunch! Bucky said he was so excited this morning thinking about the hunt.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tonight is Youth Rally night in C-ville so Bucky will have a busy night. Adam and I had a good supper. He picked which meant chicken nuggets and peas of course. He ate some bread, potatoes and yogurt too. "My belly full!" he said.

It's rained all day. I don't know how the weather will be for the hunt at school tomorrow or the one for church on Saturday. I heard 38 for Saturday. Yuck! All I know is that I'm glad Adam and I will both be wearing long sleeves on Easter Sunday.

Not much news. Only 18 days (I think) until testing so it's nitty gritty time. Portfolios are all but finished. We're just down to that annoying polishing stage to make sure there are no glaring errors. I am also responsible for the 5th grade On Demand. I feel really good about how I've taught that this year so I wish I could fast forward and see the score.

I'm doing stuff around the house while Adam plays. He's into jumping off his recliner lately. That's fun. My closet needs an overhaul, but I think I'll wait until I can put clothes for warm weather near the front to do it.

The Wildcats play tomorrow. Everyone at school is supposed to wear Blue and White. Go Cats!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Adam and I both got our hair cut today. While I was getting my done, Adam was coloring and playing with some cars we brought. I knew that it had been a while since he'd had a dirty diaper. I could tell he had a weird look on his face. Then, he got under the table where he was coloring and pulled the chairs in so no one could see him. Next started the grunts and then the odor soon followed. It was really smelling! It worked out that he finished right as she was finishing drying my hair. He and I went out to the Trailblazer. He was a mess! It was so much that it went onto his pants. I didn't have a spare pair of pants, so we had to go back in the salon--white legs SHINING--so he could get his hair cut. He didn't seem to mind being half clothed. As always, he did fine getting his hair cut. It looks really good. I'm not sure if he's the first kid to poop under that table or not. All I know is that I'm glad he finally went.

We played outside after we got home. It was a pretty day, only very windy. We practiced hunting eggs for Easter. He found them all and then wanted to hide them himself. This consisted of him throwing them here and there. He loved it!

Not much going on here tonight. Bucky has to go to church and we'll just hang out.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

He's Back

Adam is home! I met Bob, Jean, and Karen at Cracker Barrell in Danville tonight. We had a nice meal. It was fun to hear them talk about all the things Adam did. He had a good time in Cynthiana, no doubt! I'm not glad to have been sick, but it's good for Adam to be with family.

We are home. I'm getting a few things put away and Adam is letting Callie lick all over him. It's hilarious!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ha! Ha!

This morning I called Mom and Dad to see how Adam was. He'd had a good night and was doing fine. I asked Mom if I could talk to him. She put him on and we had a quick conversation--how are you, what have you been doing, miss you, love you. He told me bye and Mom came by on. She said, "And people think you and Kim sound alike on the phone?" She had asked Adam who it was and he had told her, "Kim." How funny is that? So much for that mother/son bond, huh?

I feel better today. Yea! I can swallow! Woo Hoo! Maybe I'll be back to normal soon.

Bucky is at Upward. I've got the UK game recording for him.

It's rainy here today. Last week all this rain would have been snow!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I've been able to rest tonight. I've not really napped so I will hopefully rest well later. Bucky called and said the fundraiser went well. The only detail I know is that they made about $1900. Wow! Bucky and some others are staying at the church to watch the UK game on the big screen. It will be a late night and early Upward morning for him.

I've watched some TV tonight. I caught a few reruns of Friends. I also watched Everybody Loves Raymond. That show is funny. I didn't watch it when it was on so it's fun to catch up through reruns. Also, I love What Not to Wear. How fun would it be to go on that show! I think Clinton and Stacy are neat and they know their stuff. I also saw some of Tori Spelling on Larry King Live. She's interesting. As much as I love celebrity gossip, I think I'm glad I'm actually not a celebrity. And finally, I watched a little of Secret Life of a Soccer Mom hosted by Tracey Gold of Growing Pains fame. Neat show about moms who have sacrificed and get the chance to follow their dreams for a week. Yes, I realize I have watched too much TV today. My brain may begin to rot.

Home Sick

The results are in and it's strep throat for me. My sore is so extremely sore. It really hurts to swallow. I got some medicine from the pharmacy and I've been trying to rest. I am climbing the walls for something good to read. Can't find much.

I am contagious. Mom and Dad are on their way to get Adam to take him to Cynthiana. He'll stay with them and also go see Nana, Poppy, and KK at some point, too. He'll have a ball and I can recoup and not infect him. Maybe they'll have him potty trained by the time I pick him up. Ha!

So now it's safe to say I've had bronchitis, walking pnemonia, and strep throat all in one season. I've a MVP at the doctor's office. What next?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Stuff and Things

Can I get an Amen on this?
Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing. ~Phyllis Diller, Phyllis Diller's Housekeeping Hints, 1966

Quick Recap of the day......
Buck's ankle is improving daily.
Adam loved playing at the church tonight with all the kids at 3D. We are so blessed to have a youth group full of '"siblings" for Adam. It makes life easier for this tired mama.
We are proud to see DD's blog!
Fundraiser tomorrow at church for the summer mission trip.
I've had a sore throat today. Hopefully a good night's rest will help me.
It was beautiful here today.
God is good all the time. All the the time God is good.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bucky hurt his ankle last night in the JCC ball game. It's the worst he's ever hurt it. He went to the doctor and they did xrays. It is not broken, but it will take some time to heal. He's had to hobble everywhere today.

Bucky has (surprise) meetings and ballgames at church tonight so Adam and I met him at Giovanni's for supper. It was nice. Adam has been playing tonight and watched a new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that we'd recorded. I have been grading papers and doing laundry and other things to stay caught up. Bucky will be home late, and HOPEFULLY Adam will sleep good tonight. It's been late nights for him lately.

Tomorrow is my last day of school for the week. I've got a writing training Thursday and a CAT meeting at RCBOE on Friday. I already have sub plans laid out for Mary Blakey.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bucky's Jeep

It's here! Bucky got his new Jeep today! The three of us went over to Somerser right after school today. I got to test drive the Jeep. It is drives rougher than my Trailblazer--it's the rugged feel I guess--but I like it. Once Bucky got started on paperwork and things Adam and I came on home. Bucky is going to clean out the Malibu tonight and then take it over tomorrow. Bucky seems really proud of his new vehicle, but I'll miss the Malibu. She's been a good car. Lots of trips and memories. It's the car Adam came home from the hospital in....Enough sappiness--the Jeep will be tons of fun this summer!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Super Sunday

The snow is melting--and fast! We had normal services at church. The Praise Team sang, "People Need the Lord," and it was refreshing to hear that song. Tony talked about being spirtually hungry for God. Good service.

Bucky stayed after and watched the game at church. He had a meeting at 2 and 4, and then the youth play basketball at 6. Glad we got some rest in yesterday since today was so busy for him. I was wanting to head to school for a bit, but didn't get the chance. If I would have known that Adam wouldn't have gone down for a nap until almost 3, I would have gone right after church. I did do a few things here. He has a bit of a head cold or something and I'd given him so medicine. The label says may cause drowsiness which means it will make Adam WILD. He is going to the Coe's when I go to Easter practice at 6.

Bucky has found a Jeep he wants. It's over in Somerset. It's a 20o2 Jeep Wranger X and it's navy blue with tan top. He's wanted (drooled over) Jeeps for some time and has looked off and on. This seems to be the real thing. He wants me to drive it, but I don't know when that will happen.

Have you seen the show on TLC called Say Yes to the Dress? It's been on today and I've watched a bit. Bridal wear is a big business. Also, have you seen Ice Road Truckers? Bucky watched it yesterday on the History Channel (I think).They can turn anything into a reality show. Speaking of, I'm looking forward to Idol this week. Guess it will be songs of the 90's.

And finally, I've become a master at buying songs on itunes. Here's some random tunes I recently bought: Addicted to Love, Billie Jean (love the Fresh Prince episode with this song) Raspberry Beret, and Streetcorner Symphony (a cool hit by Rob Thomas that makes me happy).

Go Big Blue!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Woo Hoo!

Snow! Snow! Snow! The big one finally came. The ground covered in white is so pretty. We bundled up this morning and headed out to play. Adam was a little slow going at first and then he warmed up. He got to ride a sled being pulled by a four wheeler when our neighbors came by. I think he enjoyed that! We didn't stay out for too long, but long enough to make his eyes water and his snot freeze. The three of us have lazed around all day. I've taken two naps. Bucky and I have played Skip-Bo. Buddy and Sharon are coming over tonight. We're having an indoor picnic kind of meal. I made some chicken salad and we'll do chips and cheese. Thought it might be a nice break from all the soup we've been eating in this cold weather.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

(Lack of) Snow Day

Another week. Another missed day of school. Another day we'll have to go in the summer. I didn't find out about no school until I was up, dressed, and ready to put on shoes. They are predicting the big one but I have yet to see white. It is supposed to start later on in the night. No trip to Bowling Green for us.

Adam and I went to Kroger this morning to get a few things. Well, a few things that turned into $70. How does that happen? He's watched a little TV and now he's playing with his trains. Notice the pictures of his new tattoo. I'm really unsure of that spelling. One of his Thomas coloring book came with some and I've put him off until day. I figured he can do big boy stuff since he's two and a half now. Anyway, he wanted to put it on his belly and is SO proud of them.

Thought of the Day
What we are is God's gift to us. What we become is our gift to God. ~Eleanor Powell

Friday, March 7, 2008

Busy Week

It has been a busy week! No time to blog! Here's an update on all our activities though.

JCC's baskeball team played twice this week and won twice.

Ladies Guild was Tuesday. Adam went and a young girl from our church provided child care. Tuesday was also Sharon's birthday--her 40th! Mindi brought a crown that said Over the Hill to wear at Guild. She was too cute!

We went to church last night. Adam was sugared up after some snacks and it was LATE before he went down. He is doing pretty good with his sleeping other than that.

Nana and Poppy are here tonight after being in Nashville. We went to Guthrie's for supper. IT was delicious!

Word on the street says there's a big snow coming Friday night. Bucky and I have a date night planned for tomorrow. Mary Blakey will keep Adam while we go to Bowling Green. We're going to eat and shop. We will probably use our Red Lobster gift certificate from Christmas. We'll have to stop at Wal-Mart and gather some things just in case we get snowed in. Wouldn't that be fun. Bucky is so anxious to let Adam play in the snow.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bucky has been bringing home 10 dollars worth of quarters for several Fridays. He sets them out in stacks of four for Adam. He asks Adam how much he wants to take to church and give to God. Adam has chosen two stacks the last two weeks. Then, the other money goes into his piggy back. Can you say Father of the Year?
Reno's was Bucky's choice for food last night. It's actually in Burnside and since we were at the mall, it didnt' seem as far. Bucky had good luck at Belk's last night. He got three Chaps shirts for little of nothing. One of them goes with my shirt I got for Easter. I told Bucky that I wished I had gotten Adam the blue sweater at Children's Place instead of green so we'd all match. So, when we got home I ordered it and some other things for him. I will take the green sweater back. We spent a ton of money at Wal-Mart and the only "frivilous" buys were two Boys II Men CD's--one is a greatest hits and the other their new album full of Motown songs. We jammed and Adam danced the whole way home.

It's been a good Saturday. Adam and I went to to library and then I took him to the gym so I could go score the writing compositon competition. Afterwards, we came home and Adam has played and I've done laundry and other things. I'm about ready to sit down with some school papers. Bucky won't be home until four or after with Upward. He will be worn out.

No big plans for tonight. Just hang out here if I had to guess.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Friday! We are having a family date night tonight. We are headed to Somerset to eat and shop a little. It should be fun, and I'm making Bucky choose where we eat since he always makes/lets me choose. I'm guessing it will be Sonny's since he wanted that the last time we went over and it was too crowded. I'd like to get Adam a new pair of tennis shoes. I love the gray New Balance that he's wearing and they match everything, but they are starting to show their age. I'm real picky on his shoes so it may be hard to find something. We got the ones he's wearing in Oxford, MS when we were visiting Dicky and Susan.

Praise Team practice went well last night. We are doing a special called "Healing Rain." It's a song we did when Diana was still leading our team several years ago. She has been undergoing treatments for cancer and so she's not been singing. However, she is going to sing this (very appropriate) song with us on Sunday. The woman can sing! She can sing any note and can find all the right harmony. I think it will be good.

I am scoring the writing part of the Governor's Cup competition tomorrow at Jamestown Elementary. Bucky will keep Adam at JCC while I do this. I wanted Mary Blakey to watch him but she's had the flu and can't. He'll be fine at Upward.

Better go. We'll be hitting the road soon.