Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter 2011 was simply great! We had an awesome service at church, we ate wonderful food in Cynthiana, and got to be with family. Really, it was an awesome day. Here are the boys after church. This wooden fence is a favorite spot of mine. Well, we tried to create warm, fuzzy memories by dying eggs. It was not as picture perfect as we would have liked it but oh well.

Luke did fairly well with the eggs. We stuck him with yellow and figured it would be the lightest color if he did make a mess.
Easter morning. You'd think the boys sleep on different continents the way they are dressed. :)

Adam is so silly. He held up some of his treasures.

This is Adam with his friend, Kaden. Kaden and his mom have been coming to church. It's sweet because Kaden came because of Adam. Neat!

We had to hunt eggs inside at GCC. It was still fun and the boys got plenty.

Mr. Luke. This kid is energy on two legs. He definitely stretches me to new heights when it comes to parenting. I've got a feeling I'll be ready many books on strong-willed children. Shew! Good thing he's cute.

Adam Rees

I played Miryam in our Easter drama. Bucky totally dug his role as a Barbarian. Notice the spear?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Random News from the Happy Walters

  • We're enjoying the Cadbury Mini-Eggs as of late. Bucky especially loves them. I'm liking the new Diet Caffeine Free Ale-8.

  • Bucky just read the first bullet and rolled his eyes. I told him I'd been doing laundry for so long (forever last night and all morning today) that I had the right for foolishness like this.

  • Adam's playing on the Diamondbacks again. We went to practice the other night and he was dressed like it was the world series.

  • Luke has fallen/tripped several times in the last few weeks and seems to always fall on right eye. Today's cut bled and bled. It looks worse than it is. Maybe it will look better after bath time. He's due for a hair cut soon.

  • Adam is registered for Kindergarten at Camargo. Wow.

  • Bucky has been "nesting" lately. He's cleaned/gone through some things at work and done various projects here like cleaning out drawers and working on drains. Spring cleaning, I guess.

  • CATS test will be soon upon us. Three weeks I guess. Hoping my kids can really show off what they know.

  • I am recovering from a no-fun bought with poison ivy. This is my first time ever having this.

  • We had a great meal last night. Bucky grilled out burgers and we also grilled up some onions. It was VERY VERY delicious. On that note, it seems like we can't go through a meal without running out of something. Whether it's a staple like bread, or something random it seems my Walmart list is ongoing.

  • Adam has a bday party to go to at his favorite gym, TK's. Then we're meeting Kim in Lex. and she'll have him for the night. She has some fun things planned.

  • This coming week will be the second week in a row where we are literally gone every night. In fact, last night (the one night we've all been home) Adam says, "Who's watching us tonight?" I told him that we'd be home. "Why? I want someone to come watch us!" We've always wanted our boys to be this way (fluid, flexible) but they love it too much maybe! We are blessed with lots of great help!

  • Buck and I are both in the Easter drama. I play Miryam and Buck is a guard. I think it will go well. Can't believe it's almost Easter. We hope to get the boys some Easter things after we drop of Adam to Kim. It will be neat to just have Luke tonight and tomorrow. He is becoming so fun--and talking up a storm. You should see him read his books. He gets into it!

  • Okay, better go. I've got several things to do before we head to meet Kim.

Monday, April 11, 2011

We spent Friday night in Lex. at Hyatt Place with Mom, Dad, and Kim. We had a ball. We ate and swam and just enjoyed the time together. Here are few pictures. We stopped at Barnes and Noble on Saturday. Luke loved all the books. He was especially fond on the Mickey and Elmo books.
Adam was in heaven with all the trains.
Luke had all he could take. He fell asleep almost as soon as the car headed towards MoCo. He didn't even get the chance to open his new book.
Adam was asleep too.
Adam fell asleep too. Nanny used to read us a book about a boy who took his football everywhere with him. Adam even sleeps with his!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Big Blue Brothers Gotta Hug! Let's just hope they'll be hugging on Monday night for the championship! Go Cats! Adam sporting his Final Four t shirt Bucky brought home for him the other day.
Adam plays basketball ALL DAY LONG. Seriously. The other day he went to a two hour open gym at the church with some of the kids and then came home to play ball. He is "eat up" with it as the old saying goes. His latest thing is dunking. In fact Luke calls basketball "dunk" now because of Adam. He plans out all his moves, wants me to pass the ball to him, and is always looking for an audience to see his lastest dunk. Most kids play dress up. My kid plays ball.
As far as his attire, perhaps he does play dress up. He wants to wear all his ball clothes. Can you believe he wanted to wear this outfit to a UK party tonight?

Fact: The shirt Luke is wearing is a shirt that I wore when I was his age. How cool! Going retro! Luke has to dunk too!