Saturday, September 25, 2010

Already Friday! Where did the week go?

Halloween costumes have been chosen and purchased. Adam chose a "motorcyle guy." He had lots of decisions and changed several times according to Bucky but he's very happy. He asked to sleep in the costume the other night. Luke will be a wildcat. Bucky bought this one as well. Do I have a good husband or what? I don't know what I will be for school yet. It would be neat if the fifth grade teachers could do something.

Adam says the funniest things and I wish I could remember them all. The other day we saw a mailman on the way home and I asked him if he thought he might be a mailman when he grew up. "I'm going to be a football player, remember?" I asked him what skills he needed. "I need to do spin moves so I can get a first down, touchdown, and field goal." Guess he has it all planned out.

Luke is still into electrical outlets. He is so curious about plugs and cords and power in general. The word no phases him on most things but NOT on this area. Hopefully this phase will be over soon. He's trying to walk. He's so fast when he crawls that he's not overly interested. We are trying to help him walk everywhere. I hope it catches on. He's fourteen months today for goodness sake!

I am leading a small group with Becky for high school girls. Bucky is leading a small group for high school boys. We are both supposedly leading a small group for young couples with young kids. Hmmmm.... think this is too much on my plate with school and life. Note that I didn't have much input on the last one.

Practice for the kids' Christmas program started on Wed. Adam was excited about it and then pretty much decided against it. I hate to make him, but want him to be involved. Plus, I don't have anywhere else for him to go during small group time. I took Luke with me this time and I hope to make other arrangements. How can kids be such a blessing and yet so "in the way" of areas where I want/need to serve? Anybody felt this way before? It's my biggest issue hands down that I struggle with.

Tonight it's just me and Luke at home. Bucky and Adam are going to the football game. I hope to get some things done. Laundry is clean but needs to be put away. Leslie Waddelow posted the other day that she needs a personal assist. I agree!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Five years old!The four of us....on a very windy day as evidenced by my hair. Luke's scrunched nose--too cute!

Luke Huffman

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm back.....

I'm back! We now have internet at house so I can post, post, post! We are all doing well. Here are some highlights.

Luke is really growing and learning. He points to lots of things and grunts like he knows what things are. He still likes fooling with the DVD unfortunately and seems to not understand the word no when it comes to this. He enjoys his bath and he likes to read a certain peek-a-boo book. He looks so grown up in his long pants that he's been wearing. And, after a summer of not wearing shoes at all, he's faithfully wearing his oh-so-cute New Balances every day. Hard to believe he'll be fourteen months soon. I will post pictures of him soon.

Adam likes his school. He comes home with lots of work each day. He's always proud of what he's done. We are too! He is enjoying football season. You should see him in his UK jersey. So precious! He seems to go so hard that he's exhausted by the end of the week and then sometimes after the weekend. On Monday night, he fell asleep before 7 and slept until morning. Also, he's FIVE! Can't believe it but time flies.

Bucky has been working hard at church. The new Ignite program is going well. There have been LOTS of baptisms lately and it's exciting to be at GCC! Everyone is complimentary of Bucky and this makes me happy. He loves his job and I can tell so many times in his eyes that he's doing exactly what he should be doing. We have some great kids and great parents to be around and serve with.

I am all things to all people. Ha! Not really but between school, church, home and just the day to day things I am a busy lady. School is going well. I am working hard let me tell you! Lots of late days but I've done better this week. I am loving my Sunday School class at church. Fun times! Laundry is my worst nightmare and will always be I guess. I can get it washed, folded, and put away but just not all in the same day. Thank goodness for a laundry room with a door to shut out the madness. Right, KK? I banned her from that this past week and she went in anyway! Ha! Life is good.

Well, there's an update. Maybe I can do better at staying up to date.

Funny Things My Kids Have Said This Year.
1. Can I go to the bathroom.? I think that case of diarrea is back.
2. When is our 50 continents test?
3. (said as his water bottle is sweating) My water bottle is condescending.
4. Can I have my nut back? (I had taken a random hickory nut from him earlier)
It's always interesting....