Monday, August 31, 2009

Photo Session

I had a photo session after church today. I wanted to get a good shot of Luke for his birth announcement. Adam took pictures while I did and we had a blast! I ordered the announcments today. We have pictures of Luke from the hospital (the classic shot) to share with everyone, but I wanted to do something else as well. Adam and Luke are down for a nap and I am going to relax as well!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yesterday Adam sat in the big boy chair at Tammy's by himself for the first time. He did great! He usually sits in my lap but told me he wanted to sit in the big boy chair. Cool!
Today we have worked to clean up the garage. It was a mess from camp and just stuff that we hadn't put away during the last few weeks of my pregnancy. It's hard to put things up in the attic during the eighth and ninth months! I have Alicia's and Amy's maternity clothes organized and ready to give back. I've also been going through baby clothes and stuff. I actually have three bags and one box to donate to the ARC Pregnancy Center. How do we accumulate so much stuff?!?
Luke and Adam are doing well. We all went to the Laker game last night. We had a great time!
Hopefully we can all relax tonight. I know we're grilling out burgers. Yum!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Lately Adam thinks has permission to do most anything--get on the computer whenever he wants, use the screwdriver to put new batteries in trains, etc. My camera has been an issue. He likes to use it but I don't let him very often. He has his own small camera. Anyway, the other day I had been taking some pictures and I was reviewing them to delete any bad ones. Imagine my surprise when I found these next two pictures!

Many of Adam's sentences start out with, "How about....?" The next picture is after Adam said, "How about you put Luke in my bed with me?" Too cute!

Aunt Margaret asked me in an email what I was feeding Luke to make him grow so big so fast. My reply was Enfamil and Miracle Grow!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Watching the Little League World Series

Chubby Baby

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My doctor's visit was cancelled today. I rescheduled for next Monday. They called early this morning to tell me this. Apparently I was supposed to have received a letter about it. Anyway, we went out and about to the library, post office, Pickett's and On Eagle's wings. When we were rolling down the driveway coming home I noticed a Duo-County truck in our driveway. We are switching from Dish Network to Duo-County cable and I thought they were coming tomorrow. Bucky called right then and said they'd had an opening and could come today. The house was....a mess. It looked like Hurricane Adam had hit. I'm sure he's seen worse but I couldn't help but cringe.

This is one of those weeks where Bucky won't be home much at all. I know it will be late when he's home today and tomorrow, church is Wednesday, he has praise team practice on Thursday, Friday he's leading worship somewhere in Bowling Green, and then Saturday he's taking a group to see the Bowling Green Hot Rods. He told me I'll have to be Supermom.

Better go do some things before Luke is ready to eat again.

Monday, August 24, 2009

It's been a big week for Luke. He's now wearing his 0-3 month clothes instead of newborn and he's wearing size one diapers. The little guy is eating and eating and eating. He can put it away. As a result I can really see him growing. He's the cutest thing!

Adam is ready for his birthday. He told me the other day that "it will be September in seven minutes." He's loving his Clifford books. There are several that he can read by himself. I was getting ready the other day and he was on our bed with books. He pretty much could "read" the whole thing. Makes a mother happy!

Today is Family Fun Day at the country. Golf, picnic, and then swimming. It is unseasonably cool so I don't know how the swimming will be. I will have to bundle up Luke!

I go to Dr. Crosslin tomorrow for my checkup. We are taking Luke so they can see him but I think Adam will go to daycare. He had a good day there last Thursday. It was his first day back and everyone was glad to see him. Eli even hugged him!

Check out some of Leslie's wedding pictures on this website. I think this photographer is great.

Better go. I think Luke is wet. We go through diapers like nobody's business.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Boys in Black and White

We've been to church tonight. Bucky had a youth revival in C-ville and then praise team afterwards so it's another late night for him. Adam has showered and is watching some TV and Luke fell asleep on the way home from church. He's due to eat again between 9 and 10.

Tomorrow Adam is making his first trip to daycare since Luke's birth. I have a two hour PD tomorrow afternoon so he's going there and then Luke will be with Bucky while I'm at school. Adam wants to go golfing so Bucky and him may do this tomorrow night.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rene' shared this "action" shot and I thought I would post it.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The wedding was great! So beautiful and just right! Adam did wonderful going down the aisle. It was a late night for all of us and Adam was going on no nap! Bucky and Heath did sound so it was especially late when he got home and then he and I had to recap the whole night. Morning came quick, but we made it to early service. We all had a nap and now Bucky's at Kendall Park for a picnic. I don't think we're going to it. We'll see.... Enjoy the pictures!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Adam did a super job last night at the rehearsal. He and Emily are quite a pair. They held hands as they walked out!
So serious!

Luke loved "playing" with trains. He would let the train graze his hand as it went by and we thought it was funny when he would stop the train with his foot.

If you're ever wondering what Adam is doing during the day, just think of this picture. He is heavy into his trains again.
It's a lazy Saturday morning here. We are all just hanging out and doing odds and ends. We have to be ready for pictures at 4 so Mary is coming at 3 to keep Luke.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Wedding Attire

We took Adam today to try on his suit for Leslie's wedding. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He was so handsome in it and looked much older. The suits are a light brown and have a purple vest and tie. Adam seems excited about the wedding. Actually he's more excited about the "fancy dance" after the wedding. He's already talking about the cartwheels he's going to do and he also wants to show off his Happy Feet routine. I'm just hoping and praying he can get down the aisle without a hitch.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Things are going well at our house. We've enjoyed all the company and help with Luke and Adam over the past two weeks. Now it is reality. KK left today and so tomorrow will be my first day home with just me, Adam and Luke. I think we'll be fine.

Here are some things happening with us:
1. Luke does not like a wet diaper. I repeat, does NOT like a wet diaper. As a result, we go through many diapers a day. We should buy stock in Pampers.
2. Adam is still making THOUSANDS of laps a day around our kitchen table playing with cars, trains, or anything mobile.
3. Bucky has finished up with Amazing Race. The awards ceremony is tomorrow night.
4. I am still reading the Karen Kingsbury Firstborn series. I'm on the fourth book and they are an easy read with Christian values. Love it.

I don't think we have anything going on tonight. Luke is down for a nap, Adam is playing his Leapster, and I've swept, dusted, and all those other fun things. I need to go put some clothes in the dryer. Bucky should be home in a little bit.

Our yard needs to be mowed but it looks like we may get a shower at any time.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I think this is the first picture of Adam and Luke where Adam is sitting up straight. He most usually lays his head on Luke's when he holds him. He likes to take his lips and run them over Luke's hair. Now if we can only get Luke to smile. :)
We've had a good day. Bucky worked except for when he was home with Luke while Adam and I went to the library and to get our hair cut. I kept Adam's a little longer this time since he's Leslie's ring bearer on the 15th. Thought it might look better...
Karen is coming tonight. Nana and Poppy are coming tomorrow. I think our meals our over so I guess I have to start cooking again. It was such a blessing while it lasted!
In one month Adam will be 4! Luke is two weeks old today!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Whew! Today was a good but long day. Everything went fairly smooth. Everyone couldn't believe I was there but I could not imagine missing the first day. I have lots of nice students and a few boys that I think will try me along the way but I guess I'm used to that after last year. Bucky was here with Adam and Luke and Megan was here as well to help out. My guys sent me flowers today. Very sweet! Bucky is at church today and then tomorrow he's taking Adam to watch the Bengals practice is Georgetown. I think Adam will like this...make that LOVE!
Luke's trip to the doctor yesterday was awesome. Dr. Patterson said Luke was "gorgeous" and "perfect." She is very easy to talk to and super friendly. He is up to 7 pounds and 3 ounces.
I had to post this picture of Adam. Megan said he picked out this shirt to wear today. He has done so well with the transition with Luke. Tonight I gave Luke a bath and he was in charge of washing his legs and feet. Even though he's not really good at wringing out a washcloth, he did a good job. I love a baby after a bath-so fresh.
We're still enjoying meals being brought in. Lately we've had a Mexican dish, pecan encrusted chicken with sweet potato casserole and Oriental salad, and then today we had chicken salad with crossaints. Yum!
More later!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Luke's First Day at JCC

It was good to be at church today. Luke did well. He ate during church and his burps weren't too noticeable I hope. He looked "so adorable" as his shirt said and we even wore the shoes KK had gotten him. I know they don't match but Kim said it didn't matter. When you're that cute, the fashion rules don't apply! The kids are coming by the house for a challenge for Amazing Race. There are almost 500 forks in our yard and about 10 of them have colored prongs. When you get a colored prong you get the clue for the next challenge. This should be fun. Tomorrow is a big day for me. It's a PD day and then Open House tomorrow night. I am excited and apprehensive too. I haven't had to "do" something all day for quite a while.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

High five, little brother!
Swing batter!

Granddad (to Adam about Luke) Think we're going to keep him?
Adam: Yeah, cause we need him.
Mom and Dad left today. Kim is here tonight. Adam is ready to play outside. Tomorrow is Luke's first trip to church. It should be exciting!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another good day here at our house. Bucky worked half the day to get ready for Amazing Race on Sunday. We've done this and that around the house. Luke and I ventured out on the front porch to watch Gran, Granddad, and Adam play baseball. It's a pretty day but with all the rain we've had our yard looks like a jungle!
Bucky and I did go out and about. I wanted to check out the deals at KMart. I needed just a few shirts and a pair of capris to get through Open House and the first day of school. Amy would be proud of all my deals--I got a dress for $3.60. Awesome!