Thursday, May 19, 2011

Good ole Luke. You just never know what he might be up to. :)

Adam and his friend Cody. This is what I live with! Ha Ha! This was supposed to be a "good" picture.

Adam lost his first tooth! Tooth fairy brought ten dollars--she must have not had change. :)

Luke and Poppy at the game. Adam sporting his Reds jersey.

Gotta love a little boy in a jersey and Levis!

Adam at the creation museum.

Buck and Su

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Adam's first tball game was last night. He had a large fan club and did exceptionally well. Both hits went into the outfield. He loves to play. It's funny because he loves to bat but in the field he's often just still. The other kiddos all run and dive for the ball and that's just not Adam's personality. One time he did get a ball and threw it to first and he wasnt' looking.

Tomorrow will be our fourth day of testing. Testing seems to wear me out more than actual teaching. I think the kids are doing pretty well. Some have overwhelmed me and some underwhelmed me.

The iPhone is going okay. I can do all I need to do. It's bigger than my old phone and that's different and sort of hard to get used to.

Luke is doing great! He's so busy but he's been reading books and playing with a Handy Manny toy of Adam's for some time. Some nights A and L are constantly getting into it and other nights are lovely. We might meet up with Bucky and the kids for Destination Unknown if this good night keeps up. Berryman's is their destination and it's a local Dairy Queen-like restaurant with old time decor, Coca Cola, etc. He's going to talk about not living the past/holding onto mistakes.

Better go. Here comes Luke with a book he wants me to read. :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

This is my with Amanda Nornhold. Our boys love Amanda and we do too! She's a basketball player and playing tennis for the first time this year. We went to watch her on Thursday and the boys had so much fun. It was at Easy Walker Park and they ran and played. Will, another one of the boys' favorite people was there as well and so they were in their element. I don't think we could survive here in MoCo without Amanda and her mom, Becky. Seriously. They help out tons with A and L and love us so much. Follow the Leader. So thankful for a sunny day so they could play. Adam legs are getting so long.

Here they are watching Amanda. Luke was convinced he could climb his way to the top. I love the tippy toes!

Our testing theme this year is, "Get Your Engines Revvin' in 2011!" We had Biker Day on Friday and my friend Gwen came through with these fun clothes and wig. The sleeves look like tattoos! Lots of people asked me if these were my weekend clothes. No! This is so polar opposite of me it's not funny.

Luke and Adam snacking at their new, oh-so-cute picnic table. Thanks, KK! This picture proves the point made by Kim that if you want both boys to smile in a picture you've got to have food.

I have a new phone. Well, actually it's Bucky's old iPhone. Who's excited! I think I am. It will be different but texting is about to get so much easier I think. I'm not up for renewall til September so this will be a great and CHEAP way to make sure I like it.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Here are two more pictures I wanted to share. I love this one of Luke. He cracks himself up!
This is the boys at TK's, one of their favorite places to go.