Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ah, another week. It's been a pretty good one. I had field trips at school on Thursday and Friday. This week coming up is the last one before Fall Break. This time of year always goes so fast. We all three went to Homecoming last night. It wasn't as cool as we expected it to be. Afterwards, we went to McD's for a snack and Adam's friend Eli was there and they got to play. It is so funny to watch them.

Bucky is playing golf in Columbia today in a scramble. There's a 24 hour prayer effort at JCC. Bucky went today at 5 am and I went at 6 am. We are going as a family tonight at 5:45. Bucky says we need to go to the grocery and stock up. I'm hoping to maybe eat Mexican before. Yum! I did good on the weight loss thing for two weeks, and now I'm not doing so well.

Better go do some things before Adam gets up. I will definitely nap when he does today.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Adam is home! I picked him up today and he was asleep and he slept the whole way home. He and Kim went to church today. Kim said Adam went fine into his class. They learned about Adam and Eve. After that they went to see an IMAX dinosaur movie. She said he liked it, but used her hand to cover his eyes two times.

Anyway, we are home and I am zapped. No nap on a Sunday afternoon. :( Bucky has Quench practice so it will be late.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

We had a lovely retreat at Gail's house yesterday. We talked and visited and planned for the worship team for the rest of this year and also 2009. Bucky played golf in the outing at Lakewood. We met up about 5:30 and had a nice meal. After that, we had to go by the Coe's to get a fence that Buddy made to be used in today's drama. We went and got it and then stayed until 10:30 visiting. Buddy, Nick, and Megan had been to the Ryder Cup and had lots to tell. I think I could live at their house. I always have so much fun!

I've heard a little from Kim. She and Adam went to the zoo yesterday. The elephants were his favorite. They are going to see an Imax movie today. I will meet them in Etown around 3 I think. She said she'd call.

On another note, we watched a movie! I didn't get home until later from Etown on Friday, but we watched ALL of the movie 21. I don't think it was over until almost midnight. I could feel myself turning into a pumpkin!

Friday, September 19, 2008

We have a different sort of weekend coming up. Tomorrow I'm leaving school early and Adam and I are going to E-town to meet Aunt Kim. He will spend Friday and Saturday night with her. I think she's got some things planned like the zoo. While he's gone, I have a worship retreat from 10-4 Saturday and Bucky has Family Fun Day at the country club. There's a meal in the evening for the fun day and so I'll take food and go to that. I'm leading a skit that Bucky's in on Sunday morning so we'll both be at church by 7:30. Bucky has been invited to a dove shoot on Sunday afternoon and I'll head back to E-town and pick up Adam.

Adam and I have haircuts today. Adam is wearing new shoes today--size 9.

Better go.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

It seems I don't have any time to blog these days. Adam's party seems so long ago, and it was just last week! Bucky has not been home any this week--he officially ate no meals here. Fall schedule is wild--Monday night football, elder's meeting, church, praise team practice, the list goes on. Adam and I have a ball here at home though and he got to go to Teresa's on Thursdays and he really likes it there. She had him birthday presents so between those and the creek he was set. School is going well although the moon must be changing because my kids have been VERY energetic. Today Bucky is going to Cynthiana to dove hunt with family and Adam and I are staying here. We have a party at 5 and it's a fish fry. Adam will be so happy! He's eating a waffle this morning.

Also, I've really done well on my eating/exercising this week. No pop, low calories, and I've really felt good about it. In fact, I walked 1.5 miles this morning. Callie had to go out at 6 and so I thought why not? Jean season is coming....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Adam: I see the moon, Mama!
Susan: Who made the moon?
Adam: God. And Jesus. I think he painted it white. I like white. It's my favorite.
Hey! This afternoon has been fun. Adam and I have done some arts and crafts type things. We also played an intense game of "balloon" and went outside. He would get on his tricycle by the side door. He would pedal all the way down the sidewalk and keep going. Once he pedaled all the way to the gravel. He had a ball.

He is eating fish sticks for supper. I had a salad with some grilled chicken. Bucky is at church for Monday Night Football.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Party Time!

Adam had a fun time at his party. We had a great turnout and he received lots of nice things. He was hilarious at the beginning of the party. I had blown up some balloons so the kids could play with them. All the kids liked that, and Adam would just run around the fellowship hall while all this was going on. His face was beet red by 12:10. I didn't think he would stop running to eat!
We planned food and cake just about right. After the party, several members of my family came back to the house. Many of Adam's toys he opened and played with. I've kept some things back for a rainy day as they say. He's been up since 8:30 and I'm going to try to keep him up and make it an early night. Right now he's watching Jungle Book 2 that his friend Clay got him. He seems to like it. Better go pick up!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Where has the week gone? It's Friday already! We've been busy this week with lots of things. We met Bob, Jean, and Karen in Lexington Monday. I had Ladies Guild meeting in Somerset on Tuesday. Church was Wednesday. Adam and I had company on Thursday and also went to the grocery and to the Mexican restaurant while Bucky played in the golf scramble. Tonight we went to The Porch and then to RC's football game. They were leading when we left at the fourth quarter. Adam had a good time. He loved it when the Lakers got a touchdown because there was fireworks. On a side note, we got Adam a Lakers t-shirt to wear to the game and it's his first shirt that has WALTERS on the back. The guy at the store took a liking to Adam and he put the letters on there for free. Wow! We are at home now. Bucky and Heath are leading worship somewhere in Columbia at a Fifth Quarter event. Tomorrow is Adam's party! He is pumped.

Little known fact: The hardest I think I've ever heard Adam cry was tonight when I trimmed his (way too long and exceptionally gross) fingernails. I'm sure you could here him at the square. It had to be done, but it was like torture for both him and me.

Widely known fact: Bucky is featured this week as a Russell County Hero in the weekend paper here in Russell County. It's a series they've been doing. There is a gigantic picture of him on the front page and a really nice article inside. I told him I was very proud....and insanely jealous. Break out the Sharpies! It'll be autograph time for him. Behind every man........

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Labor Day

We went to Lexington today after Bucky arrived home from playing golf at Lakewood. We met up with Bobby, Jean, and Karen at Barnes and Noble. Adam loves playing with their Thomas playset there and I picked up a couple (okay a few more than that) books for him. We ate at Culver's. This was a first for us. They serve burgers and are famous for their frozen custard. Our food was tasty, and we had a good visit. Adam was well rested and in rare form. Not bad, but very active and so he put on a show.

After we parted ways, we did a little shopping. Then we went to Jacobson Park. They have a huge playground area and also a large pond that has tons of noisy ducks. Adam was sweating by the time we left. He napped on the way home, so it may be a late night.