Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ignorance May Be Bliss

Another snow day. Guess this means it's May 22 when we get out. Anyway, this morning while doing some things around the house I had on The Today Show. Daytime TV can be very informative. I stopped what I was doing when I heard them talking about having lemon in your water at a restaurant. Here's what I learned. A new study found that the lemon slices you get on the side of your glass may be spiking your beverages with bacteria. A total of 25 different types of germs were found on 53 out of the 76 lemons that were sampled. Some were fecal in origin (either from dirty fingertips of the restaurant employees, or from meat-contaminated cutting boards and knives), while others were types commonly found in saliva, on the skin and in the environment. Oh my goodness! I think it may be time to start gettting plain water!

Adam and I have played today. He's colored and done puzzles. I made chili for lunch and Bucky came home. As usual on these days off, we all three fell asleep after lunch. We are going to church tonight. I am picking up a girl that the guys in Quench have invited. I have no idea who she is. I only know her street name and her phone number. Should be interesting.

Praise Team practice tomorrow and (hopefully) school.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More snow in RC. I was supposed to have after school today but it was cancelled. It is snowing now but the roads weren't slick when we went to watch the Lady Lakers play. They won and play again on Thursday.

Last day of school is now May 21.

It's time for Adam's bath. Better go.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


After a disappointing loss last week, JCC won their ballgame tonight by three points! Yes! Bucky did great despite being "killed"' as he put it by the guy guarding him and losing a contact during the game. Reminds me of intermural games at KCC.

Today has been good. My alarm did not go off but I still got to school in time. I had afterschool and Bucky picked up Adam so I could come right home. We ate a nice supper--Adam had a TON of baked beans so it could be interesting later. He had ice cream for dessert. He loves it!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend in Lexington

Adam and I returned today from a weekend in Lexington with Mom, Dad, and Kim. We stayed at Holiday Inn North and had a ball. They have a Holidome there and so we swam. Adam didn't miss a beat. He was jumping in and going under water just like at the end of the summer. He was so cute in his little swim trunks. We shopped, too. We all went to Hamburg on Saturday morning and then came back and took naps. Mom and I went back out to Fayette Mall on Saturday night. I got my Easter clothes and Adam's, too. Bucky may wear a shirt he already has. Adam will be wearing green this Easter. It was last Easter than he and I had the flu. I do not want a repeat of that.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Ice Ice Baby

School dismissed at 10 today for weather. Not so much snow, but ice. My car was covered when I left school, but the roads weren't bad. I called Bucky once I knew school was out and so he took Adam to church instead of daycare. I picked up there and now we're hanging out at.He and I are spending lots of days together lately. Hopefully we can take naps later.

We are scheduled to have 3D tonight at our house. I don't know if we are or not. Bucky said he would wait until a little later to see how the weather was. He had to run to Campbellsville, so if we do have it, he'll shop for the food.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back to Work Tuesday

I worked today! I was hoping to have our Valentine party, but several of my kiddos left their thiings at home so we're going to celebrate tomorrow afternoon. My head started hurting this afternoon during my planning time. By the time I left school to go to church to do a few things, I didn't know if I was going to get there. I could hardly see straight. I went to JCC and straight to Bucky's office. My old chair from the living room is in there and I went right to it. Bucky got me some Tylenol and a drink and then I was out for almost an hour. I felt better when I woke and I am feeling fine now. Guess it must have been all that hard work I did today that I've not been used to.

Tonight Bucky plays ball at church. He's started a men's church league. They play Mondays and Tuesdays for six weeks. Bucky has sanctioned referees. Cool! He will have to be there for all games, but he will get to play tonight. Adam and I will go and watch. Adam seems tired tonight. Some time at the gym will for sure wear him out. e and Bucky had a big game of "balloon" tonight so he's had a workout already.

Time to go change a dirty diaper.....

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another day....

Adam and I went to the nursing home today. We went to see Miss Alice, Mary Blakey's mom. Adam had colored her a picture. He gave her hugs and kisses. She was so happy and Mary called later in the day to say how much her mom talked about Adam.

There is talk of winter weather tonight. I am ready to get back to a routine. I'll be anxious to see what comes.

Monday, February 18, 2008


Today's sermon was really good. Tony talked about going the 2nd mile at work. He said that Christians should do more than is generally accepted. We've used Colossians 3:23-24 as our theme verse for this series. I keep that verse on my computer at school.

We have had a nice day. Bucky has been at church since early. Adam and I were here for the afternoon and then I took him to the gym for the end of the race and I went to the grocery. He and I have eaten since we've been back home. You should try the Healthy Choice Chicken Artichoke Panini. It is delicious and only 300 calories.

I don't know what's' on the agenda for tomorrow other than just odds and ends.

Here's a joke or two from this weekend you can try on your friends. Corny jokes--my favorite and the only ones I understand!

You: Does it smell like up dog in here?
Friend: What's up dog?
You: Nothing much, dog. What's up with you?

You: What's the difference in a baby and a matta baby?
Friend: What's a matta baby?
You: Nothing, what's a matta with you!

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Dwayne who?
"'Dwayne" the tub, I'm drowning!


We had a nice weekend. Bucky and I went to the Jr. High Believe Conference in Cincinnati and Mom and Dad kept Adam for us. The conference was nice--great worship, nice speaker, fun fellowship. Adam had a good time, too from what we've heard.

It's a busy day for Bucky. The Recreation Ministry is having a big Daytona 500 party which means he'll be at church all afternoon. Then he has basketball afterwards and there might be Quench practice somewhere in there. Needless to say, it will be a long day for him and he'll probably crash when he gets home. I don't think Adam and I will stay long at the party--Bucky did ask me to make some cookies.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Love Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Adam was so excited to get to daycare today so he could give his Valentines to his friends and teacher. When I picked him up today they were finishing up their party. He had a HUGE Squeez-It drink, a sucker in his hand, a sucker on his plate, half a cookie left on his plate, and he was a mess. It was seven boys sitting around the table. Talk about love coming in faces with red stained lips! I took a sticky and WILD Adam to get his hair cut. Kristi does a great job. While I was getting mine cut, he played with two girls whose mother was getting her hair cut. He gave them each a hug when we left.

In keeping with tradition, Bucky got me tennis shoes for my "roses." They will last much longer than the real thing. I got Bucky some new tennis shoes, too. Adam got Clifford and Thomas books.

It's time for Survivor tonight. Yes!

Also, did anyone see the David Archuleta kid on Idol sing the song, "Heaven?" He is only sixteen and he is my pick for the winner. Bucky has had to play back for me that song several times.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

No Go

School in RC will not be in session until this coming Tuesday due to illness, and I'm sure a touch of weather. It is snowing here off and on today.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm Healthy!

Dr. Bertram listened to my lungs this afternoon and told me they were fine. He told me to stay healthy. I hope everyone does. There is talk about going to school tomorrow and then being off Thursday and Friday. I had great attendance today, but we had a good number out at our school. I don't know what will happen. If we missed this week, we would have a very long weekend what with Presidents' Day.

Bucky has a meeting at church tonight and then will stay after to lock up the gym after the last Upward practice. I made baked spaghetti for supper and I've kept him a dish. Adam has just been hanging out. There are trains going all around the kitchen table. He likes to have on his Clifford CD while he takes them around and around.

It will be bath time soon. We got some new animal capsules at Dollar General the other day. He loves to watch those foam "pellets" turn into shapes. He was so proud of his purchase and the clerk even put them in his own bag to carry.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'd Rate it a 7

Adam did great going to sleep in his new bed . He and I read several books and then turned off the lamp. We said our prayers and then he fell asleep pretty quickly. I can actually lay in the bed with Adam believe it or not, so I was there beside him for awhile. I got up and went to bed. Then, about 1:00, here is Adam beside my bed. Bucky had gone up front to sleep so I just put him in with me. Then I changed my mind after all his kicking and touching. Plus, I thought it was a bad precedent to set. He rarely sleeps in our bed and I didn't want him to on this first night in his day bed. So, we went to his room and he fell asleep quickly. I went to the bathroom and when I came out, there he was in our doorway. So, we go back to his room. This time I bring a pillow and a blanket. He is going to sleep in here! I went back to my room and then woke up close to 3 with him at my bed. I put him up with Bucky in bed, who had since returned, and I went to the floor. I am pleased with how he started out, but not pleased with how he finished. I will have to really wear him out tonight so he can sleep through the night.

I'd Rate it a 7

New Bed

Tonight Bucky turned Adam's crib into a day bed. "It's monumental, " Bucky says. Having him in a crib is nice, but it was getting harder and harder to get him in it. It took about 45 minutes to switch it over. Adam is so very proud. He's been in it and out of it several times. I hope that all goes well tonight. The thought of him going bump in the night is not a happy one.

Please Be Impressed

Home again, home again. Today is our last day home due to sickness. I think I am over my pneumonia. I go back to the doctor tomorrow for a checkup. I have done so much today. I've washed windows, washed sheets, mopped the floor, graded some papers, read countless books to Adam, and Adam and I even went out and about for just a bit.

This being off has not helped with our eating. We ate good meals when Karen was here and then it's just different being here for lunch. Adam has eaten lots of cheese as of late. He loves it! Tonight I'm making supper. I'm bringing back the old school with Shake and Bake chicken. I saw it at the store and couldn't resist.

Did anyone see the Grammys last night? Lots of performances, some good and some bad. Jerry Lee Lewis was on there singing Great Balls of Fire. Too cool!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Saturdays Rock

We love Guthrie's! We took KK there tonight for her first trip. Adam had the Henry Chicken and Fries, Buck and KK had the Pecan Encrusted Chicken, and I had the Parmesan Stuffed Chicken. Everything was delicious from beginning to end. They have awesome blue cheese--almost more chunks of blue cheese than actual dressing. Yum!

We made a trip to Mighty Dollar afterwards and now we're home with cookies baking in the oven. Can the night get any better?

Bucky played some golf today. KK, Adam and I went down to the church to see some Upward games, went to KMart and tried to hit Jamestown Marina to get KK a sweatshirt. We walked down all 72 steps only to find the store closed. Then we had to huff and puff back up the stairs. We were worn out.

Nothing much going on here tomorrow. The Grammys are on tomorrow night and I'm looking forward to that.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Fun Friday

No school today! We were out today and are out Monday, too because of sickness. I am glad to be feeling better. We had a great day. Bucky took his day off today, and so we had an easy morning and then Adam and I went to the library and to check the mail. We met up with Bucky at Wendy's for lunch. I tried the fish sandwich they've been advertising on TV. Don't get it. It's too "fishy" in my opinion. I took a nap this afternoon and Bucky caught up on his episodes of Ghost Hunters. He's kind and won't watch it when I'm around since I'm a chicken.

Karen is here with us this weekend. She got her around 6 our time. I tried a new brownie recipe for us to snack on since she had eaten supper on the road. I made a regular batch of brownie batter, then topped it with marshmallows and pieces of Twix. They were ooey and gooey and pretty good. Bucky said he could eat the whole pan. Karen's played with Adam and the two of them are just coming out of the bathroom from his bath.

I don't know what's on the agenda for tomorrow. You never know!

Also, does anyone remember the game Skip-Bo? Kim and I learned it from our cousin Cathy when we were growing up. Bucky learned it at Card Day at JCC the other day and we played today. It's fun and easy....even for me the Card Corpse.

Congrats to Kerry on her new house. I think she moves in tomorrow.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


A day off from school was great for me. I was thankful for the time to do as little or as much as I wanted to today. I didn't do too much. Bucky came home for lunch and we all fell asleep. Mary Blakey kept Adam while I went for my IV. I slept while I was getting it. It seems I get warn out fast.

I had Toddlers at church tonight. Things went okay, but I must confess it is not my favorite area of service. This would be more HAVE to do than WANT to do.

It is windy again here tonight and the temperature has fallen. Bucky is going to play basketball after church. We'll watch American Idol when he gets home.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I have what?

I went back to the doctor today. I was not having much relief from my coughing and congestion. The diagnosis? Walking pneumonia. I have to take three sessions at the hospital of IV medicines (the first of which I had today), I have pills to take, and I have an inhaler. Can you believe it? Adam brought me two roses and a balloon. :) There is lots of sickness in RC and so there's a rumor that we won't go to school Thursday and Friday. Dr. Bertram said I can go to school if I feel like it so I will.

I did go to Guild meeting tonight. I had the devotion. Buck and Adam went to the basketball game and they aren't home yet.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


It was a blah Monday. Our busy weekend and not a good night's rest last night did a number on me for today. It was a wild day at school and I didn't get much accomplished--at least as much as I wanted to. Tracy and I did get the February bulletin board up and it looks nice.
Bucky had things at church tonight be he did come home to eat a quick bite. I made chicken pot pie like Susan made for us in Oxford. There' s plenty for lunch tomorrow.

Adam has had a good night. He has played with his toys while I have graded TEN sets of papers. No lie! Iwas so far behind.

Guild meeting is tomorrow. I just put the finishing touch on my devotion.

The new pictures are from last night's Super Bowl party. Mindi shares lots of Henry's old things with us and I remembered a jersey in the last bag she gave me. The cool thing was it a Tom Brady Patriots jersey. He was too cute! If only they could have won!

Monday, February 4, 2008

It seems like our Sundays lately have been so busy. We were all at church by 7:15. Service went well today. There were lots of elements in the service--two specials, a video, a drama, and then just the normal stuff. All went smooth. Tony started a sermon series today that is focusing on stress and how to deal with it, specifcally stress in the workplace.

Bucky and Adam came home after church and I had a worship team meeting. I was home a little after 2 and then Bucky left a little bit later to finish getting ready for the Super Bowl party. Adam has been asleep since 1:30. I'm going to church about 4:3o to start cookies, etc. Sharon is meeting me there to help.

I am ready for a nap. I've been trying to grade papers. I am far, far behind, and I'd like to do a few more before tomorrow. I think Tuesday is progress notes.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Paint Day

We have worked so hard today. Bucky and I finished painting our living room and dining room. It was hard work, but it went pretty fast. Both of us are sore. He did all the rolling and I did all the trimming. We have everything back except for a few pictures we are not putting back up in hopes of getting new ones, and I am looking for curtains.

Adam and I went over to Somerset WalMart this morning. He was very well behaved. He sat in the front of the cart--which he NEVER does--the whole time. He snacked and helped me shop. One time I tried singing to him and he told me not to. The only item he would say he really wanted was cheese which we got in both slice and shredded varieties. Yum.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Mom's Night In

Bucky and Adam have gone to the church for Family Fun Night. Adam couldn't wait to go play in the gym. I've been home trying to catch up on laundry and other projects. I didn't do anything on Tuesday night, Wendnesday night, or last night since I felt bad and then also had praise team practice. I have just finished a half hour session of folding/putting away clothes. I'm thankful for the time to do some things and that way tomorrow won't be as rushed.

Adam has been so curious about the wind lately. He knows about wind, but the other morning when it was so windy he told me he thought Callie was going to blow away. Today, he looked out the window to look for the wind since he could hear it and he said, "Can't see it, Ma. Can't see it." We looked at the bushes and trees moving and I explained that you can't see the wind, but rather what the wind does.

Upward basketball tomorrow and I'm doing the devotion at halftime of the 12:00 game. We may do some painting. I wouldn't mind going over to Somerset if we feel like it.

Anybody want a trip to Jamestown? Come and see us!