Thursday, March 31, 2011

Odds and Ends

Hello! We've been having an awesome spring break despite winter temperatures. Bucky and I went to Massanutten, VA from Sunday to Wednesday. It's a resort where our preacher Bill has a timeshare. The whole trip was pretty much free since we took part in their two and a half hour "program." We are proud to say that we are NOT timeshare owners. We shopped, ate, played racquetball, and swam and did the hot tub thing. I had never been in a hot tub outside on a COLD night. By the way, can any KCU reader tell me who I beat in the racquetball finals to be the class champ? Buck and I are pretty much pro and I was rocking the goggles. He played rebel and didn't wear his. By they way, here's a special shout out to Gran and Granddad for watching A and L while we were gone! We stopped in Lexington, VA at at Ruby Tuesday to watch the Cats play on Sunday. We are happy about a trip to the Final Four. Woo Hoo! We've enjoyed all the talk about Shaka Smart and VCU but let's hope they don't win the whole thing. KK spent the night last night. We ate at Melini's and it was so good! Like Kim, I need to quit eating too. Maybe next week. I didn't even hear her leave this morning. Now that is good sleep. Bucky is now 34! I'm back to that time of the year when I'm married to an older man. Actually, he's always older. :) Adam has a tooth coming in behind one of his bottom baby teeth. This concerns me. Should it? I mean, how come his other tooth hasn't come out. It's really not even loose. Let's just hope he doesn't inherit my awful teeth......Thank God for braces. Enough for now. Better get going. The house is so quiet right now and I think it's about to change.

Friday, March 25, 2011

To Steal From Alicia....Lots of Bullets :)

  • Luke loves Elmo. I mean, loves him. We don't watch Elmo here but they must at daycare. Elmo is on his diapers, he has Elmo books, and a few Elmo toys. It's funny to hear him say Elmo, Cookie and Bird. He also loves Mickey Mouse. He can say Goofy and Donald too. Barney is another character he likes. Mary Blakey gave him a stuffed Barney and he likes to carry it around. He learns so many new things each day. He is 20 months today!
  • Adam is going to play t-ball again. He is pumped. In fact, he asks about every day. I'm looking forward to the season.
  • Bucky got an ipad today. He used money from his paypal. He seems excited about it!
  • KK has been with us this week. It's been fun. Luke can say KK. Adam has been sleeping on the big air mattress with her.
  • Not much new with me. Lots of observations lately. Looking foward to spring break. Very forward. I had supper with Sherry, Kerry, and Mollie. Love those girls!
  • No pictures this time. More later.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Adam Rees--Now 5 and a 1/2! Look how sleepy Luke looks! He's usually begging us to put him to sleep. However, today is the first day he's not gone down for a Sunday afternoon nap. They must have had cookies in his class because he is not showing any signs of slowing down!
Playing piano at Gran and Granddad's

Before church one Sunday

This is a picture of Adam on the Saturday he thought he was a Harlem globetrotter. It was the only day he wore all his accessories. This pose tickles me because it's "my" picture pose. Too funy!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's been so long since I've written. I'm putting the blame on our computer--out of commission for a long time! I think we've finally got it worked out with AT & T. We'll see. I'm sure you're wondering what's up with us. Here are a few highlights.

Adam had a great time with Upward basketball. Bucky was the coach and the little fellas on the team were neat. The cutest (besides Adam) was a little black boy named Q. He loved to dribble and especially shoot. Adam made lots of shots. He did really well. Pictures to (possibly) come later. Adam is reading! It's so exciting!

Luke is learning so much. He can point to lots of body parts--eyes, nose, ears, tongue, etc.---and knows the sounds that lots of animals make. My favorite is the way he says meow for cat. It is hilarious. He's a GREAT eater. Some days I think he's a bottomless pit. Both the boys are learning to like lots of food. Adam has gotten better about trying new things. He even likes duck, wrapped in bacon that is. Ha! Right now they are big fans of spaghetti. They like it with no sauce and lots of "Papa John" cheese.

Bucky's teaching at MCHS. Old Testament and New Testament survey. The teacher is very sick with cancer so Bucky stepped in a few weeks ago and will finish out the year. I think he likes it...but does take away some of his flexibility. He recently had a tooth pulled and that's been interesting.

I've been busy with school and home and church stuff. I'm in the Easter drama "Arise" with one of the main parts. It may be the biggest production I've every done. I hope it turns out well. Things at Camargo are going well. District walk throughs next week and an observation from Mrs. Smith, our principal. Lesson plans are not done yet. Guess I should be working on that instead of typing here. As far as home, I try to keep up the day to day chores. Some days I feel that I work harder at home than I do at school and I BUST MY BUTT at school. We've all been going to bed early. In fact, one night I tried to put Adam down before 8 and he said, "I can't sleep. I'm too waked up!"

More later.