Sunday, June 29, 2008

I feel like a kid at Christmas. I was up from 12 to 3 last night/morning. I guess I am excited about our trip. I feel pretty good this morning. I hope I don't crash this afternoon. At 2:15 I was at the computer actually writing down some ideas for a book I hope to publish between now and the time I die. Honestly, I am the strangest person sometimes!

Bucky is back! We are very glad! We took the van back to Enterprise last night and then ate at King Buffet. We ran into WalMart really quick and then came back home. Adam and I will go to Sunday School and second service. Bucky has an Elder's meeting and when it's over, we will leave! WooHoo! We're going to have the best time!

Better go hope in the shower before the little man wakes up. Happy vacation to us!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hungry Boy

I know I've already written today, but I can't resist telling fun things about Adam.

Today we've been outside playing. About 10:3o Adam said he was hungry. He didn't have much breakfast so I thought we'd have an early lunch. I decided to grill out hamburgers and then have some baked beans and some leftover broccoli and cauliflower too. We played kickball while the burgers cooked. When they were done, I asked Adam if he'd like to eat outside, like a picnic. He agreed. We covered the table on the deck with a tablecloth and set down with our spread. It was hot and he was hot already. We ate about half our food and then he said he was too hot and wanted to go inside. In we went. Inside, he proceeded to eat all his hamburger and his broccoli and left a little of his baked beans. Here's what he said next.

Adam: I want some more chicken.
Susan: Honey, it's hamburger and it's all gone.
Adam: (with frown) I want some more burger.
Susan: We don't have any. How about some applesauce or yogurt?
Adam: I want both.
Susan: You have to decide. Which one?
Adam: Yogurt.

He ate the whole thing of yogurt and pretty much finished off his beans and drained his cup dry. Just try to tell me he's not a growing boy!
Adam has really been into Matchbox cars lately. He bought some with money that Nana had sent, and he's added some more that he had around the house. He lines them up, races them, crashes them, and does whatever else he can think of with them. This morning he found a box top out in the laundry room. He proceeded to put the cars in it like a racetrack and then he got in it himself! Too funny!

We don't have anything until the pool party tonight. I've started lists of things to take and have piles of clean clothes that we need to take with us on our trip on the spare bed. It's going to be wonderful to get away!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

VBS was fun again tonight. The kids got to walk on "water"--a mixture of corn starch and water that looks like a liquid but acts like a solid. Very cool. A big thanks goes out to Buddy who helped me mix it up.

I cleaned the inside of the car today getting ready for vacation. While I was doing that, Adam was playing in the car pretending and all that fun stuff. That being said, tonight when I left for church the Trailblazer didn't sound right. Then, when I was going to leave church, it still didn't sound right--especially when I turned left. I turned back into church looking for a man to help. Chris Back was there and I told him the ordeal and asked him to see what he thought. He got in and I thought he would drive it. To my surprise, he got out a few seconds later. The culprit--I had the 4 wheel drive on. Make that, ADAM had the four wheel drive on. Life is good!

Tomorrow is our last lesson night of Bible School. Friday is a pool party.

More later.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's our annivesary! 8 years! This morning I woke up early and the very first thing I did was text Happy Annivesary to Bucky. At the exact time I hit the send button, my phone vibrated with a new message. It was a message from Bucky saying Happy Anniversary. Weird, huh? He sent me flowers today. They are beautiful. Adam thought it was cool that they were delivered to the house. Me too!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A busy Monday! I had a CAT team meeting and Adam went to daycare. I think Adam will sleep in tomorrow. He's had several early mornings and it's catching up with him. We have left the house by 7:30 the last three days in a row. Anyway, by the time I left the meeting and ran to KMart for some more supplies, it was time to go to Bible School. Adam and I didn't even come home.

VBS went well. The Bible Blast (the drama part that I do)was fun. The kids had "leprosy" and had to be "quarantined." Tonight's theme was Jesus gives us the power to be thankful and we learned about how Jesus healed the 10 lepers but only one came to thank him. Adam had a big time in his class. His good buddy Jayson is in his group and they are funny together.

Monday, June 23, 2008

It's been an eventful day. Adam and I were at church at 7:15 since I was on praise team. He put about three miles in before 8:00 I think. He played and played in the sanctuary. Both services went well and there was a good crowd.

Tonight I went to church to help Sharon work on decorating the sanctuary for VBS and then put the final touches on my room. I knew I couldn't really take Adam with me because I'd spend all my time on him. However, I didn't know who to call. Most of the kids that usually watch Adam are on the mission trip and so is Nora. I tried April Emerson, another girl from our church. She wasn't at home, but her mom, my friend Teresa, said she wouldn't mind watching him sometime. "Can I take you up on that offer tonight?" She said yes. They live right down the road from us in a BEAUTIFUL home. They have the perfect setting to play, including a creek with plenty of rocks to throw which is pretty much like heaven on earth for Adam. They were outside the whole time I was gone. They played with their dogs Dusty and Midnight--two black labs--waded in the creek, threw rocks, rode the golf cart and when I got there he was eating a snack and wouldn't even say hi because he was guzzling down juice. He had played hard. During supper he said he wanted to go see her again. Teresa told me to come back anytime. It would be the perfect place for a little family picnic. She also said they'd like to take us out on the lake. Can the day get any better?

We played outside here until it got dark. We tried unsuccessfully to catch lighting bugs, but we did play on the hay some.

Better go. Busy day tomorrow.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Adam had a blast at Aunt Kim's! They did all kinds of fun things! He especially loved her cats Conan and Baxter.

Wilderness Camp was fun for me on Thursday and today. I got to know the kids pretty well and I had fun visiting with Glenna, Sam, and Wendall. Not to mention Bucky! I'm so glad I went because, if not, we wouldn't see each other for pretty much two weeks straight. He leaves in the morning for the mission trip. My praise team is on Sunday and then VBS is Monday through Friday.

I'm in the middle of laundry. Those STINKY clothes had to be washed!

Best wishes to Karen as she heals from gallbladder surgery.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We've had a nice Tuesday. Adam went to daycare. I had a meeting and then did some things for VBS next week. Adam and I have been outside most of the night. It's a beautiful day and they mowed the hay today so it really changed our surroundings. We went walking through the field. We'll have to do a tick check tonight! Enjoy the pictures of Adam and Callie. They play until Callie can play no more!

On a funny note, Adam was throwing the ball on the roof tonight and trying to catch it. For those of you who know Adam well, you know he didn't catch it! What did happen though is that the ball got stuck in the gutter. He said, "Daddy get a BIG ladder and get that out!" He's a problem solver I guess!

Monday, June 16, 2008


Adam and I went to the pool today after church. I thought it opened at 12 so we traipsed out there at 12:15 only to find out it opens at 1. So we came home for a little bit. Anyway, we were practically the first ones in and then some others came. I was talking to this mom--nice with three kids--and then one of her friends came in . Lovely, nice, country-club afternoon. All is well. Then, to my amazement, bothtof them light up their cigarettes. Right there! Cancer sticks! I couldn't believe it. True, Lakewood is not like those country clubs you see on TV, but I thought they shouldn't have lit up there, especially in the KIDDIE pool area. Yuck! I asked the lifeguard later if there was a policy on this and she was unsure. I'm voting that they're should be. It's 2008. There's my rant for the day and according to my friend Hollie, everyone is allowed one "ugly" moment a day. Nuff said.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I feel like a broken record, but it was another late night for us. We left out for Louisville about 1:30. This gave us time to shop and eat before the plane came in. We actually got to see Kim for a few minutes. She came by J. Alexander's where we were eating.

Adam was excited about seeing the airport and airplanes. He enjoyed it so much. It was almost time for the guys to be there when we saw Danny Miller, an elder in our church. He works at Fruit of the Loom and had been in Honduras for the week. After talking to him, we found out that the guys from 3-2-1 Improv were on the same flight as him! We waited a while and then Bucky went downstairs with Adam to the luggage in case we had missed them. We didn't think we had, but you never know. This left me to wait at the top. I remembered the one guy from when I saw them at KCC, when the group was called CPR. Sure enough, here came three guys and I walked up and asked if they were 3-2-1 Improv. They said they were and I replied, "Sweet sugar!" which they thought was hilarious! We all gave high fives like we were best friends. We had such a good time with them. They wanted to eat so we took them to Texas Roadhouse in E-town. The three of us just got dessert while they had supper. Long story short, it was almost 11:30 before we got to the house. Adam fell asleep at about Columbia and fell asleep. He didn't get up until after 7.

We've been out and about today--library, Kroger, Kmart, post office. We have a birthday party at 4. It's supposed to be a pool party. Hope the weather cooperates.

We have lots to do this afternoon when Bucky gets home from the Dad's dad event. He leaves for camp after first service tomorrow.

I won't make you read about our life anymore. I know you're exhausted. :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Mom, Dad, and Aunt Margaret came by today. They returned from their trip yesterday. They brought Adam lots of goodies from their shopping. What a lucky kid! We took them to lunch at Giovanni's and then they went back to Somerset and Mom and Dad headed to Cynthiana.

Adam and I ran a few errands at lunchtime. I got some boxes at the board to use for Bible School. I'm supposed to use lots of boxes to make a "city." I'm glad to get them early so I can work on it some next week.

Adam and I played outside tonight. He LOVES watering the flowers and shrubs. He's also been playing a lot in the dirt with his trucks and tractors. He gets filthy! We also did our daily running. This kid can RUN! Anyone who knows him, knows this is true. I call him a captive set free once he gets outside and on the lane and blacktop.

We had a nice supper tonight. We ordered from Schwan's recently. We've enjoyed the ice cream and the black angus burgers, and tonight we tried the fish. It's called Blue Lake. Bucky's mom and dad used to get it often he says. I thought it was delicious. Adam didn't eat any at suppertime. He was pooping--and was successful! Instead, he's eating Frosted Flakes for supper right now. He worked up an appetite. Why Frosted Flakes--especially from a mom who prides herself on "healthy" cereal. One day at Dollar General, Adam saw the box with Tony the Tiger and told me he liked them. I figured he'd maybe had them at daycare. Anyway, he does like them. He calls them "Great" since Tony puts his finger in the air and says, "They're great!"

We are going to Louisville tomorrow afternoon to pick up the comedy group that's coming here for the Father's Day event. We said we'd make it a family day and all go. Adam and I will be in Louisville again on Wednesday to see Aunt Kim. Yeah!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Today was Adam's first day at daycare for a while. He shed a few tears, but was fine in no time. He had a good day. He was so excited that he got to play outside with his friends. Ms. Erica said that his face got red as a beet a few mintues before I arrived. He needs to go to the bathroom. I wish he didn't struggle with pooping so much. What's a mom to do?

I had a CAT team meeting today. We are still trying to get ready for our trainings this summer. There is lots to do and today we really got some things taken care of. We are meeting again on the 23rd.

Tonight is church and Amazing Race. We don't have much going on tomorrow that I know of. I'd like to go to the pool if the weather cooperates.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We took our first trip to Lakewood's pool today. Adam had a great time. We were there from 10:30-2:00. He swam in the little pool and the big pool. The temperature was great! He's down for a nap now and then we're going to the fair tonight. We want to let him ride rides and then there's also the demolition derby that EVERYONE goes to. I hope it's not too hot. It's been a fun Monday!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kim is here! She got here this afternoon and she and I went shopping for a bit while Bucky and Adam napped. We ate supper--chicken kabobs and asparagus we did on the grill--and then we've played inside and outside. It's nice to have her here. We've laughed and laughed.
Church tomorrow and then Adam will go to the Coe's while I'm at a meeting and Bucky does a golf outing with the church.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Another late night for us. We didn't get home until after 11. Adam and I went over to Somerset to Aunt Margaret's. Mom, Dad, Kim, Cathy, Dwight, Nicole, and Tyler were there as well. We ate and then swam for 2 1/2 hours. Adam had a ball. He is a water dog. He looked cute in his new trunks. Kim is coming to Jamestown sometime today for a visit and she'll spend the night and got back to Louisville after church tomorrow.

Bucky is golfing this morning. He went to a party at the state park last night--Whitney Grider's 16. He said he wants to go the fair tonight to see the demolition derby. We probably won't go since the rides aren't open. We all three may go Monday.

Friday, June 6, 2008

The Legends game was fun even though they lost. Adam really enjoyed the play area they had for kids. He especialy enjoyed the slide. He was there for several innings. He of course ate popcorn and liked all the music.

We did have a slight problem while parking at the game. Bucky went to put the black van in reverse and he lost his power steering. To make a long story short, Tony brought up a rental van and Ernie Brumley came up to tow the van home. I hated that they had to come, but what's a group to do? The green van, which I was driving, did fine. It was midnight when we got home. We may be sleepy today!

He had a good time with Deana and LeeAnn yesterday during the day. Deana picked him up at JCC around 9 and then about 9;30 or so, the two of them came over to the Board where I was. They had been playing on Jamestown Elementary's playground and he was wringing wet. His hair was soaked and his face was red as a beet--his trademark look. They stopped in to get a drink of water. They did all kinds of things including a tractor ride and lunch at Sonic.

Tonight we'll go over to Somerset to see Aunt Margaret and Mom and Dad. Aunt Kim is coming too. Mom, Dad, and Margaret are leaving for their annual trip to Gatlinburg tomorrow. I think Kim will come here at some point.

Better go. Bucky and Adam are now awake. In fact, Adam just pottied in the potty! WooHoo!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Another good day, but it turned out different than I thought. I figured Adam and I would go to the pool today. However, after we played outside for a long time today, it was getting close to lunch and I decided against it. Adam and I played lots of ball today. First t-ball, but then he wanted me to just throw it to him. He even puts the bat out in front of him and gets in a stance just like he sees the men do on TV. He's good and when he would hit the ball, I would dance and scream like a maniac. I think he liked that part more! We threw rocks in our (almost dried up) puddle and blew bubbles too. He took a long nap so I did a few things around here.

I have a Curriculum Alignment Team meeting tomorrow. Adam is going with Deana and LeeAnn. I'm leaving my meeeting early so I can get him and then leave from JCC at 2 to go see the Lexington Legends play with the Quench praise band. It's Bucky's way of saying thank you for all their hard work. I love a good Legends games--they have the best tunes between batters!!

The Amazing Race was fun tonight. MaryBeth, Mindi, Sharon, and I were site supervisors at the church. The kids had to make brownies. While they traveled on the rest of the race, we baked them and then they had to come back to the church to wrap them up and take them to the staff at the nursing home. Some of the batches turned out good...some didn't. I guess you can make some measuring mistakes when you're in a hurry. By mistake I gave one team a clue that I shouldn't have. I had to take off like a wildwoman screaming, "Luanne!" at the top of my lungs. I didn't catch her until she was at Ralph Roy Realty. Yes, it was a scene, and Sharon was laughing so hard. Wonder how many calories I burned?

Better go. It's late and Adam is eating scrambled eggs. What a snack! Bucky will be home late and we'll probably be up when he gets home. We'll do bath in a little bit.

Oh, another thing. Mindi found a frog outside tonight. She showed Henry and Adam. Adam thought it was too cool! Later while they were playing in the gym Adam brought me a big, dead bug. Thanks! I had him put it on the table. Near the end of the night Mindi said, "You know who would like that bug? That frog!' So they took it out to the frog but it had already "gone night night" according to Adam. I told him it would be a good breakfast for him. He agreed.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We got to see the goats! Tonight when as we were leaving the meeting, Nona said she was going out to the farm and invited us to come. We took her up on it and Megan came too! The goats were too cute--all sizes and colors! The cutest one was Lou, the baby that was born the day that Adam got to see the goats for the first time. Nona has them all named--Darby, Sarah, Bucky, Millie, among others. Adam had a blast. He got to hold the baby goat. The funniest was how crazy the goats are about tree leaves. Nona and Bucky would hold the limbs down and the goats would do anything to get them.
Among the goats, there were also cats and a dog named Bandit there. We will for sure go back to visit!
Adam and I went to Campbellsville today. We picked up shirts for Amazing Race. We went to WalMart to get his "potty toy" and I exchanged something at Goody's. Adam napped some on the way home, but was up when we got to church. We ate lunch with Bucky and now we're back home. I'd like for him to nap some since he only got a 1/2 hour or so on the ride, but he seems VERY full of energy this afternoon. He's going to Megan's for a bit tonight while Buck and I to to Journey to Bethlehem planning meeting. It's pretty here, but rained this morning and could rain at any minute.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Adam has used the potty five times in a row. This equals five stickers on his chart and so today he gets a toy! He knows he wants Emily, another train for his track. Big surprise there!
Adam quote for the day, "You so proud of me!"

Monday, June 2, 2008


Tonight we hosted a get-together for Bucky's small group. At my best count, there were 26 people here counting us. We had a wonderful time! We did burgers and dogs and the others brought sides and desserts. Very good food! While the group met and studied, Pam, Joy, and I and the kids were outside. They had the best time playing together. Adam should sleep well tonight! Bucky's at Sonic for SNAC and I've already got the place back in order. Almost time for Adam's bath.

I'm posting two pictures--one of Jack and Adam in the Gator that the Shearer family brought. The other is him driving the Gator into the side of our house. Check out his new outfit--the plaid shorts are awesome! Sylin' and profilin' as we say at our house!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

It rained quite a bit this morning. After it rains, Adam and I like to go up where our gravel road meets the blacktop and throw rocks in the puddles. We threw tons of rocks, and Bucky threw some too when he got home from golfing.

We all three took naps this afternoon. We went to the Mexican restaurant in Russell Springs for supper and then to Kroger. We are having Bucky's small group that studied the book of James over tomorrow night and we had to pick up a few things for that and also a couple of items for the pancake breakfast tomorrow morning at church. After our grocery trip we went to Sonic for a sweet treat. We saw a little kitten there and Adam let it have the rest of his ice cream....and it's not like him to share his dessert! I told Bucky we needed a cat (half joking) and he said we would but he'd want it to be social cat and also get along with Callie. We'll see. Anyway, Adam would pester a cat to death probably.

All in all, it's been a great day.
Adam's quote of the day, "I'm growing big, Mama. But I still little."