Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bucky is home and life is good. He got home about 3 on Saturday.

Last night Bucky spoke at Millerfield, Royce and Erica's church. Adam and I went and then we met Rick to get the Gossett crib for Baby#2. This crib has been in our family since 1875...at least I think that's the date. You know me and numbers. It's out in the garage since I'm not sure where we're going to put it.

Adam is pumped because we're going to the pool today. We've got lunch packed. He's been dressed and sunscreened since before 9. He cannot wait! He has three tball games this week. Our carpet is getting cleaned this week, we have a doctor's appointment, I have a meeting at school, and then I'm meeting with Beth Sneed who is doing my maternity leave. We also are having a block party at church on Wednesday for the 4th complete with fireworkds. All this and it's praise team practice week. Yes, I am worn out just thinking about it all. I still feel really good, but the girl who is NEVER hot is hot ALL the time.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mom and Dad left not to long ago. We had a nice visit. Yesterday we went to the school so they could see my room and then we went to Adam's ballgame. He did a great job. He got two big hits. One went to the outfield! He loves running the bases. It was very hot!

We had ham, green beans, potatoes, and rolls for supper and then had butter pecan cake for dessert. I made the ham like Nancy does--in the crock pot with one can of fruit cocktail in heavy syrup. It sounds weird but it is delicious. You don't eat the fruit cocktail. It's for flavoring. We were outside some last night and right about dark it was actually cool. The breeze was refreshing.

Adam and I are just hanging out today. We may go out and about to do a few things. It's our last day without Bucky although I'd say they will get home later in the day tomorrow. I will be so ready to have a conversation with Bucky face to face and not via cell phone. This gets old.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Adam and I went to Cynthiana on Monday after the doctor appoinment. Baby was fine and he'd turned so all systems are go. I had not dialated any though. We go back in a week.

We had a fun time at Gran and Granddad's. Nana, Poppy, and KK came over for supper and that was great. I shopped in Lexington on Tuesday at the Parent Teacher Store and Babies R Us. I worked at school on Tuesday night and most of the day today. I am sore and tired, but I feel really good about my room. There's only a few things left to do. Now I need to work on my plans. I also need to plan the service for July 5. There is always something....

Today is our nine year anniversary. How exciting! Guess we'll celebrate when Bucky gets home.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Here are Adam and Heath playing football in the heat of the day at camp. Bless his heart! I didn't get a picture of the three of us at camp, but Allison did get one of the two of us. Nine years on Wednesday!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

We've had a fun couple of days. Adam and I had a good time at Wilderness Camp with Bucky. It was HOT but all went very well. As soon as we got home from camp on Friday afternoon, it was time for Adam's ballgame. He did awesome! He got to hit three times and made it all the way to home plate each time. He was so pround! We ate a quick bite at The Cove and then it was home to get Bucky's laundry done so he could leave for the mission trip. They left out at 10 this morning. Adam and I spent 11-3:30 at the pool. He got a little sun on his cheeks where he rubbed his eyes and I guess rubbed off some sunscreen. He jumped off the diving board most of the time. By the end he was yelling, "Cannonball" before he would jump. It was hilarious. I packed our lunch but he wouldn't stop to eat so he's eating now and watching a show. I'm hoping I can keep him awake and then go to bed early.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Our trip to the pool wasn't as long as I hoped, but I think it was a good idea to go yesterday instead of today according to the radar. We saw Judy, our neighbor, at the pool and she said her girls had found a turtle the other day. I told her we were jealous because we've been looking for one in our yard since Adam had been learning about them at daycare. She brought the turtle to our house last night and he's going to stay a few days before we put him back in his environment, probably in the pond across the way.

Adam is back in a train mood. Last night he got out all his track and built two huge train tracks. He was proud of what he'd done. It's funny how he won't play with things for a long time and then start back up.

He's still asleep this morning. I've enjoyed watching Today. I hope to get out and about before the rain comes.

Adam quote: "Momma, I'm keeping an eye on you. Daddy told me to." :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

The three of us ate at Manners today. It's a soda shop downtown that used to be open a long time ago and our friends Rick and Nona have opened it up again. It's neat because it's like taking a step back in time and there's even a jukebox that Adam loved.

It's rained and rained here today. Adam's game was cancelled. Bucky and Adam have gone to the fair to see the demolition derby. It will be late when they get home, but Adam took a late nap to get ready. He's been excited! Unfortunately, Bucky says it's probably going to rain some more. I hope it holds off so they can see some of the action.

I'm already thinking ahead to next week. I've got a literacy training in Danville on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Mary will keep Adam one day, Megan will watch him one day, and then he'll go to daycare one day. We have to leave by 7 each morning. Adam and I are going to Wilderness Camp for Thursday night and Friday to see Bucky. Adam has two games next week and there's Amazing Race and Wednesday night stuff. Summer is flying by!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

All these pictures were taken before the game last night. Adam chose to give it his all before the game. When the game started, he decided that he would play the field, but chose not to bat either time it was his turn. We didn't make a big deal about this. It was the first game he'd been to. Last night Bucky was asking him why he chose not to bat and he said there were too many people. We'll see how tomorrow night goes.
We are having a picnic here at our house tonight for the kids. It may turn into an indoor party with the weather.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Today's sign that I'm losing it: Wanting to get out Adam's waffles from the freezer for breakfast, I instead found a stack of paper plates.

Funny Adam saying: Saturday at Walmart he leaned him head over on the cart and said, "I hurt all over!" Where had he heard this? From me, when I stretch back in the recliner at the end of the day.

Currently: Adam is dancing, almost violently, to his Alvin and the Chipmunks CD. He can really shake his groove thing!

Thing We Won't Tell Dad: The fact that Adam just said to me, "Momma, we're cheerleaders!"

Monday, June 8, 2009

Whew! What a whirlwind kind of Sunday. The day began early since we were on praise team. We were at church by 7:30. Adam went to the Coe's after Sunday School since I had a Worship Team meeting and Bucky was gearing up for Amazing Race. After my meeting, I picked up Adam and we went to Jayson's birthday party. It was lots of fun but very hot! Right after that we went to church to help with Amazing Race. My part was at the beginning so we got home about 6:30 I guess. I was ready to sit down, but walked into a house that smelled of poop! Dog poop! Callie had made a mess (actually four) in our front hallway by the door. It was awful! So I had to get it cleaned up right away. I've cleaned and sanitized and deodorized. Adam and I both took showers, grabbed a sandwich, and now he's relaxing with a movie. He is sure to go to bed early. At least I hope so.
Bucky is busy with Amazing Race. He had a late night at the "bigger and better" Russell County Fair. It was between 1 and 2 last night when he got home. We may take Adam tomorrow night to ride the rides.
I'm going to go relax myself.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bible School is over. Last night was Adam's best night. He really enjoyed things! I don't know what we have on the agenda for today. I've been dreaming about moving--last night all my school things were somehow placed throughout Walmart--so I know I need to go and work at school. Not sure if I'll go today. I've got muffins in the oven because I know a certain someone will be hungry when he gets up. Nothing else to say I guess. Adios!
Today seems like the first "real" day of summer. Monday I had PD all day and yesterday we had a doctor's appointment in Somerset. Adam has been getting up early. Today it was a little before 7 and he comes our room and says, "I think I need some breakfast." He devoured two pancakes! We did some things inside. We worked at his little table and worked some puzzles and did some "school" books. We spent about an hour outside playing ball and walking up the lane. He ate all his lunch and then asked for something else to eat. He is a growing boy!

Tonight is the last night of VBS. It's been good but very tiring. I've been with Adam's group. I hadn't planned on it but we've had some meltdowns and I feel like he needs my presence. These "spells" he has are no fun and put me in a rotten mood. Tomorrow night is Adam's first tee ball game and I'm hoping, no praying, that things go smoothly with no tears. We also have praise team practice tomorrow after the ball game.

I am ready to do some things to my room at school, but I think I'll wait until next week unless I feel very motivated on Friday. We'll see.

Better go. Have a great summer!