Tuesday, April 27, 2010

1. First trip back to Jtown went well. We stayed with the Coe family and had a ball. We got see Mary Blakey and our regular crew at the Gossage fish fry. Fun, but we have paid for it yesterday and today. In fact, I am heading home in a just a bit for a nap.
2. I am helping with testing at Camargo. This will be all day subbing for a week and half. Yea!
3. We are still trying to eat healthy. Seems like we lapse on the weekends but are all business during the week.
4. Just finished Valerie Bertinelli's Finding It. An easy read but pretty good. I liked the little notes to self parts.
5. Luke must be going through a growth spurt. He's been waking up to eat. :(
6. In related news, Adam has become a bottomless pit. Seriously! He can eat a huge meal and then twenty minutes later be convinced that he's hungry. He gets upset when you say no but he can't eat all day!

More later!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hello from Mt. Sterling. Did you know Luke can say Momma? He can and it's so cute. He's been feeding himself those little puffs and yogurt bites. He seems to enjoy them. Adam and I are at the library doing our "tech savvy" thing while Luke and Bucky are hanging out at the house. Adam had another great ball practice the other night. The first game is on Tuesday. I am looking forward to it. He got some new cleats and a friend gave us some ball pants and so all we need is the shirt and hat. Woo Hoo!

Bucky had a nice time in TN with Dicky and the crew. Meanwhile Adam had strep throat and Luke spent several days in Berry. It is nice having family so close to help out with things like that especially.

In other news, our house still hasn't sold. Yuck. I am wishing this would happen. We will get to see it this weekend since we are going to Jtwon for the Gossage fish fry. It will be weird to be in RC. I don't look forward to getting home late on Saturday night. I am penciling in a nap for Sunday afternoon. :)

Don't know what else to say except Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad! Congrats on 39 years.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Time is flying by. Spring Break was practically a blur with some down time, a day at the zoo, and then a mission trip to Beatyville, KY. Hard to belive that April is almost halfway over.

We are going to enroll Adam in the kindergarten program at his current daycare. It's part of the Mt. Sterling Christian School. I met with his teacher a while ago and she said that another year of preschool would leave him feeling bored. She was VERY complimentary of him and his academics. I don't want him to start public school when he's 4 and be the youngest one in his class. Mrs. Susan suggested kindergarten and we are going with that option. He will learn a lot I'm sure. I do have a few concerns: how he'll feel about going to kindergarten twice essentially (so I'm looking for a way to explain this) and then I wonder how he'll be grouped at church. I'd like to keep him in the toddler room. It's for 3, 4, and 5 year olds so I think I can.

Luke is doing well. He is starting to say Ca Ca and "talk" to Callie. He loves that dog! We boarded Callie over the weekend and she was extremely glad to see us on Sunday afternoon.

Adam had his first tee ball practice. He's on the Diamondbacks. After he hit the ball his coach said, "You've hit the ball before, haven't you?" He did well at practice.

Tonight is Bucky's last night to ref ballgames. They are playing three so it will be a late night.

Can't think of anything else worth sharing.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stuff and Things

1. Easter was great. What a perfect day. We had an awesome service at GCC and I was glad to be a part. Bucky baptized one of our eighth graders. Sweet! We spent the day in Cynthiana and got to see Walters and Gossetts. I love it when that works out. We didn't get home until after 10 but this is Spring Break week so it was no big deal.
2. We have been doing well on our diet or lifestyle change as we are calling it. We are totally enjoying Easy Walker Park here in Whirlin' Sterlin' and we walk several nights a week. Luke loves the stroller and Adam does well too. The other night we took a playground break and Adam was on the tire swing. He got so dizzy he could barely stand.
3. Luke has discovered his tongue and wants the whole world to see it. Practically every picture from Easter has him with his tongue sticking out. It's so cute!
4. We did the big task of switching our clothes. It was a huge chore and I still have not found all my summer shoes and sandals. I hate to buy flip flops, etc. but I may have to. We bought the boys their summer clothes. They should both be set. We found lots of nice things at Kohl's and Children's Place.
5. Callie is getting a haircut, bath, and pedicure tomorrow. I will be so glad to not have to sweep up Callie hair as often as I have been. It's everywhere!
6. Adam is sitting next to me in the library doing some things on Playhouse Disney. He "loves these phone cause they let me talk to people." Whatever. He is a sight in the caution orange headphones from 1989. He's about like Bucky--life with him is always an adventure.
7. Adam is playing t ball and we heard from his coach. He has practice the next two Monday nights and then games start the last week in April. I hope all goes well.
8. Better go. I hope to get a chance someday to post pictures but just imagine how good we looked on Easter. Ha!