Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Full Plate

Things are buzzing with our lovely family of four! Our plates are full....and sometimes overflowering if we're honest. Here's a run down of things in Whirlin' Sterlin' lately.
Adam is loving Kindergarten.....all except the get-up-early-be-in-a-good-mood part. We've really had to change his bedtime. Right now he is going down at 8. Some days are better than other. I got a really great note from his teacher and she says he's doing well. We are proud.
Luke is adjusting to the new two year old room at daycare (now called "school" to match Adam) and he seems so grown up. When I pick him up I sometimes can't believe he is so big. The other day he was swinging by himself. He's had some issues with hitting but hopefully we can get those resolved. His hair is whiter and spikier than ever. I'm using gel on it on pretty regular basis to help. Hopefully I can tame it.
Bucky is staying busy with ending summer programming and planning fall programming. The Amazing Race went very well. Tonight is the awards program. He is also the football chaplain of the MC Indians football team. He goes to practice on Thursdays and Friday game nights.
Josh Powell. Do you know that name? He's the new superintendant of MC Schools and him coming here has had a big, no huge, impact on my life as a teacher. He wants to help bring up MC test scores and will do whatever it takes. Translated, that means I have LOTS LOTS LOTS LOTS more to do and MUCH MUCH MUCH higher expectations to deal with. It's crazy. Teaching in RC was like teaching in Heaven. Seriously. Teaching in MC in great as well. It just seems there is more responsibility and things to do. Plans, formative assessments, web pages, instruction driven by data, busy planning times, no meetings during school but after, no flip flops for Pete's sake, new Common Core Standards, and the list goes on and on. And did I say I had a student teacher? She is super and giving her guidance is one more thing on the list. Add to this the fact that ARW is with me after school ready for snack, drink, and entertainment. Shew! Don't get me wrong. I love all I'm doing. This is true! God created me to be a teacher. It's like having my own talk show. It's just that beginning of the school year struggle to find out how to get it all it. Mrs. Smith has given me some responsibilities as well--I'm on her "best and brightest" list (a Powell thing). Needless to say, this girl has no trouble falling asleep at night.
How's that for ranting and raving? On another note, we'll be moving to 120 James Way very soon. I love that address! A shout out to Jamestown for sure! God is funny like that. Reminds you of where you've been and where you're going.
More later.

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melton said...

Things are changing in the RC school district also! Ha! Lots of new stuff and after school meetings coming up on this end also. I feel a bit overwhelmed right now but I'm marching on. You hang in there. We will make it. We always have! Love ya and miss you!-Amy