Friday, September 23, 2011

Here I am. I have been meaning to blog but just haven't made the time. Lots has been going on with my crew. Here's the low down.
We are in our new house. We are loving James Way. The backyard makes me so very happy. Just today Luke and I took advantage of it. He can really hit the ball. I love pitching to him. He likes it just a bit outside, just like Adam did at that age. We really labored on Labor Day, but there are lots more things to do here. Little by little they will be accomplished.
Adam is doing well in Kindergarten. He is learning lots. Vocabulary-out of this world! Had his first hnting experience last weekend and loved it.
Luke is doing well. Bucky and I are working towards a more positive attitude toward the terrible twos. We are dealing with some official fits. Wow! We had his "dandelion" hair cut today. It is precious. Can't wait to share some photos on here of lots of things but especially of some pictures KK took of the boys last weekend. They are great!
Callie is a new dog. She loves having some freedom back yet she still wants to be wherever we are.
Bucky is fine. I am fine.
Can't believe I actually blogged. Now to do some things before bed.

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